Resurrection Power

Now when Jesus came, he found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb four days. ā€” John 11:17

So Jesus and his disciples return to Bethany only to discover that Lazarus has been dead awhile. And four days is significant. It is strong evidence that Lazarus is really dead. In fact, I read in one commentary that some Jewish rabbis believed that the soul remained near the body for three days, but after that, there was no hope for the restoration of life. There is no doubt Jesus knew this because, remember, he was a Jewish rabbi as well.

So up to this point, Jesus has performed some amazing supernatural events. He changed the chemical makeup of water into wine. Next, he reverses an illness that will take a boy's life. After this, a man born lame man who has never walked in his life is given new muscle and nerve endings. Next, a hungry crowd of 5000 people is satisfied with a small serving of multiplied food. Then Jesus walks on the surface of the water. Then renewed sight to a man who has never seen. But what happens in this story is next level. This is a bonafide indisputable working of only God. This is both restoring a biologically dead man to life and it is also returning his soul.

Keep in mind when someone dies, even today, after a few minutes irreversible damage is done to the body and brain. Brain cells can begin to die within 4-6 minutes. If oxygen is not restored, significant damage begins at around 10 minutes. And there have been a few super rare cases where someone has been brought back to life at around 30 minutes. But no one today has ever revived someone who has been dead for four days ā€” until Jesus.

Here is what we learn from this. Jesus is not just a purveyor of magic tricks or sleights of hand. He is not a man who walked the earth doing things that we tried to do but couldn't and did them better than us. He is much more. He has shown us that he has the power to control the elements of this life. But he also retains power over life itself, evidenced by his ability to give life to someone who was clinically, biologically, and literally dead. Therefore Jesus is the source of life. He is the resurrection and the life.

So if you are looking for new life, resurrection life today, don't go to anyone else but Jesus. He has it, and he gives it.

And get ready because this miracle is just a prelude to a more significant miracle we will read a little later in John.


  1. How does the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead challenge your understanding of Jesus' power and authority? How does it impact your faith in Him as the source of life?
  2. Consider the significance of Jesus being not only able to restore Lazarus' physical life but also his soul. In what ways can this truth bring hope and transformation to your own life? How does it shape your perspective on the ultimate purpose and meaning of life?

DO THIS: Go to the source.

PRAY THIS: God, I stand in awe of Your power to overcome death and restore life. Help me to trust in Your timing, find hope in difficult circumstances, and seek a deep and intimate relationship with You, the source of eternal life.

PLAY THIS: Living Hope.

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6 thoughts on “Resurrection Power

  1. Chad Husted says:

    I’m part of a discipleship group of 3 who meet weekly to ruck for an hour and talk about your devos. the mutual mentoring and accountability has been very impactful to us all.

  2. gonzalo correa says:

    Amen brother Vince.

    Now, I’m not sharing your devos yet, but I should because your work for the Lord through them is a blessing to me and I know they would be a blessing to those men I have influence with. I’m actually finishing a study with them soon and I will get their email that they may jump on board as well.

    Back to today’s devo; I enjoy seeing our Lord showing off throughout the Word. This is one of those passages that really bring it home as you have explained.

    Thanks for your work for the Lord brother, I enjoy them, I’m blessed by them, and I’m learning so much about our Lord through them… Thank you!

  3. Paul Eterno says:

    Hello Vince: Im blessed to be able to share your devo with 62 other men, and women. Most of them from our church, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle in Smithtown NY

  4. Kimberly says:

    You spoke at a Royal Ranger conference and a dear friend shared your daily devotions with me šŸ™‚ Iā€™m so encouraged with the daily reminders to keep my focus steady, thank you again!!!!

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