May he have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth! May desert tribes bow down before him, and his enemies lick the dust! May the kings of Tarshish and of the coastlands render him tribute; may the kings of Sheba and Seba bring gifts!
May all kings fall down before him, all nations serve him! For he delivers the needy when he calls, the poor and him who has no helper. He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needy. From oppression and violence he redeems their life, and precious is their blood in his sight. Psalm 72:8-14

Every man has in his mind an image of what a just ruler ought to look like. Take any given moment to hear another guy’s opinion of someone in authority over him, and you will uncover that very vision. So what does a supreme royal vision look like in the bible? And how did this all play out in the story of advent, the coming and arrival of Jesus?

Look closely at this Psalm, and you will see this vision. The glory of a just ruler that spans from one boundary to the next is welcoming thought. This authority is presented with tribute, with gifts from every other official on earth. And this man cares for the needy and poor, looking out for those who are lacking a caregiver. He is a redeemer and entirely just.

Now picture the King Jesus, being worshipped and presented with the grand tribute by the esteemed Wise Men. Could this Psalm be in the minds of Mary and Joseph at this moment? It absolutely could have. Jesus before us began a process and left excellent reason to hope in its fulfillment.

DO THIS TODAY: Worship Jesus by honoring Him in your thoughts and actions.