Run And Flee

“But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.” 1 Timothy 6:11

"Flee" means to run away from a situational danger. It's not a walk or casual run, and it's a sprint as if you are running for your life. The things you are called to "flee"  in the previous verses were false teaching, controversies, and arguments focused on selfish desires. And while you may want to entertain, debate, and discuss them, at the moment you know they are selfish you are commanded to "flee O man of God."

But you not only "flee," you "pursue." "Pursue" means to follow someone or something in order to catch or attack. Notice the power, strength, and mission in this meaning. It reinforces the second effort of the run; not only running from but running to something. The mission of the pursuit is to behaviors in great contrast to the outcomes of the selfish desires. It includes "righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness." Each is a God-centered activity, born of a new desire and mission - a desire to please him, not yourself.

DO THIS: Run as hard as possible.

PRAYER: God, give my spiritual muscles a little more strength and endurance today to flee and pursue in a two-fold effort I have not given before. May my desires be focused, and my heart be ready for the holy pursuit needed for today.


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