Rusted or Sharpening

"Iron sharpens iron,
    and one man sharpens another.” — Proverbs 27:17

Never fail to see the truth embedded deep in these words. Iron exposed to the elements of nature and unutilized will ultimately rust. The components of the earth will have an impact on its usefulness and ultimate value. And so is a man without another man. But this assumes not just any man—a man of God. One who creates a little friction in his life. These two followers of God are sound, active, wielded, and powerful. They are both made useful and progressively getting sharper. The other obvious choice is useless and rusting. Don't be the later.

DO THIS: Text a Christian man today, tell him "thanks" for making you sharper. See if it does not activate a sharpening.

PRAY THIS: God, help me to stop avoiding Christian relationships. Forgive me for being too busy, distracted, and consumed with things of this life. May I give attention to my need for sharpening. Bring a brother into my life today and provide me with opportunity for a sharper conversation.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

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