The Only Book That Sanctifies

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth. — John 17:17-19

There is something that happens when we read the Word of God. Something supernatural occurs. We are sanctified and made holy by every word we read and receive as believers. This is because God's Word is not an ordinary book. It is not like any other book. It has a history in it, but it's not a mere history book. It has help in it, but it's not a mere self-help book. It has biographical information in it, but it's not a mere biographical book. It is a spiritual book that contains spiritual truth that has a spiritual effect on a believer. It has sanctifying power.

Remember, God's Word is always more than a book to those who believe. This is because when God speaks, things happen. By God's spoken word, man was created. By God's spoken word, covenants were made to the early fathers. By God's spoken word, his Son came down, and in him, we see God's Word made flesh. God's spoken word was then written down by men in a compilation of divine books inspired by God, not men. Then, in this prayer, Jesus declares the sanctifying power of God's truthful words to men who must live in a fallen, broken, and hateful world.

So, if you feel a little dirty living in this fallen, broken, and hateful world, know there is only one place to find sanctification. It's in the book we know as the Bible that is the very spoken Word of God.


  1. How does the understanding that God's Word is more than just a book impact your approach to reading and meditating on it daily?
  2. In what ways have you experienced the sanctifying power of God's Word in your life, especially when faced with the challenges and struggles of living in a fallen world?

DO THIS: Read the sanctifying truth.

PRAY THIS: God, as I immerse myself in Your Word, I pray that its sanctifying power may continue to transform me, making me more like Christ each day. Help me find refuge and renewal in Your truth, especially when faced with the brokenness of the world around me.

PLAY THIS: Word Of God Speak.

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4 thoughts on “The Only Book That Sanctifies

  1. Dennis Burk says:

    Good morning. I need that today. Thank you.
    After a good but busy weekend, a great message at church, and getting a rental house ready for sale, I just needed a reminder of God’s love, mercy, patience….and much more.
    Heading to practice with a men’s quartet in which I play keys and sing. Yet another blessing in my life!
    Have a great week y’all.

  2. Bill says:

    If we would learn to listen more than speak in God’s presence , we would not have any questions . God is ALL KNOWING before time through eternity. Try to wrap your mind around that, better wrap your spirit around that.

  3. Mike Mary says:

    I teach classes in a Tennessee State prison. I’m always looking for material to use and teach.

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