The fear of the Lord leads to life,
    and whoever has it rests satisfied—Proverbs 19:22

We have all had that fantastic meal that leaves us feeling some sense of gastrointestinal satisfaction. But the satisfaction we experience is momentary. Hours later, we are hungry again. But imagine having your hunger satisfied. Completely satisfied. Permanently satisfied. And the meal begins with fear. But not any fear. Not human fear. Not circumstantial fear. But a holy fear set on the object and person of the Lord.

If you feel unsatisfied today, perhaps your hunger is for something different. Turn from human fear toward holy fear and thus turn your fears toward the Lord and be permanently satisfied. In the end, the Lord is all you need; everything else is secondary.

DO THIS: When you feel unsatisfied in the things of this world, be satisfied in the Lord.

PRAY THIS: God, I feel unsatisfied today, but show me how to find all my satisfaction in your by trusting you with [insert your fear] today. God of Great Provision provide me a satisfied soul.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

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