Seconds From Death

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”—Psalm 90:12

We are all just moments away from the end of our existence. At some point, you’ll face this reality. One moment a friend, parent, spouse, or child is present to you, and next they’re gone. While this is a morbid thought, it is also a fact. One out of one will die. And maybe because we don’t want to think about it, are afraid of it, or prefer to enjoy the present reality and consciously and unconsciously choose not to embrace our future reality—but your life will end. Given this truth how you live now matters. The things you do. The things you say. The things you believe. And the wisdom you embrace. Our challenge is not that our days are “numbered” our challenge is the “heart of wisdom” we embrace. Today know you may not have tomorrow, so “get wisdom” before it’s too late.

DO THIS: Get wisdom with urgency.

PRAYER: God, teach me to number my days and embrace your wisdom—not man's. While my life is brief make it matter, by focusing my life on your knowledge, knowing it, teaching it, and living it.


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