Set Ablaze


So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!—James 3:5

The damage done by a small spark can be great. Many of us know first hand the power of small fires. But the same is true of our tongue. That small muscle within our mouth lights fires all the time. Fires that have ramifications in people's lives that last a lifetime. Terms like "you always" and "you never" start great fires. Shouts like "I hate you," brand firey scars onto the human heart. Quick-tempered declarations like "I'm not sure I ever loved you," leave a smell of burnt carnage on many a man. But even though we have felt the fire of words like these, we often don't consider the effects when we say these things ourselves. It's not until it's too late we realize that we cannot retract these sparks of words that have started a fire we cannot stop.

ASK THIS: What words you said yesterday have started a fire today?

DO THIS: Give attention to the words you said yesterday and will say today.

PRAY THIS: God, shut my mouth when I am about to say something that will hurt the gospel's spread in a person's life. I know your words give life so let not mine get in your way.

PLAY THIS: Third Day: Your Words.


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