Setting Annual Goals 2020

How I set my goals and crush them every year. Try these easy steps and download an easy-to-use resource.

When talking about setting annual goals for ourselves, I am not referring to the typical "New Year's Resolutions" that get left by the wayside within weeks of the new year. Instead, I am referring to a way of living that identifies what's important and establishing a plan around those priorities that is workable and specific.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

Set goals with Key Result Areas (KRA's) in mind.
Key Result Areas (KRA) are the areas of our lives that we want to give special attention that holds the potential for producing the greatest holistic results. I have identified eight KRAs that I give attention to when determining my annual goals: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, FoodFun, Finances, and Future. I know that if I pay proper attention to these eight KRA's that I will be on track to living a holistic and healthy life. Your KRA's may differ, but I believe in focusing on behavioral results that center around character development in these KRA's.


Download a worksheet you can use to build your own annual goals using my 8-F Framework.

Set goals with annual targets.
Once I have identified my KRA's I develop annual goals for each of them – generally with two to five items that I am committed to targeting in each. These are specific goals which can be measured so I can monitor whether they have been done. My goal is to set a target in each that stretch me but can be accomplished somewhere within the year. Remember the annual plan must be specific and measurable so that you feel like it will get done or it doesn't.

Set goals and review weekly + assess monthly = crushed goals.
On a weekly basis, I read my goals to remind myself of the commitments I have made. This builds natural reminders into the rhythm of my life at the end of one week and the start of another. Monthly, I take some extended time to assess how I am doing in each area, giving attention to where I need to adjust my approach and areas where I am falling short of my goals. With my journal, I can make some observations and any changes that I need to consider. With this weekly and monthly review, there is never any reason that I should forget what is truly important in my life.

Why use KRAs and annual plans? For this simple reason. I want to live intentionally rather than accidentally, and I suspect you do too. It is how Jesus lived, and it is how He desires us to live. And you don't need to wait till the new year to start. Identify your key result areas now and develop a plan for the rest of the year. Then annually update your strategy for each area.


Vince Miller is an author and speaker to men around the world on topics that include manhood, masculinity, fatherhood, mentorship, and leadership. He has authored 18 different books for men and is hosted on major video platforms like RightNow Media and Faithlife TV. He hosts a weekly podcast, writes weekly articles, and provides daily thoughts from God's Word all just for men. He is a 27-year ministry veteran and the founder of Resolute a Men's Ministry Platform that provides bible studies aimed at building better men found at See his latest book and small group study Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men.