Slay It

"Then David ran and stood over the Philistine and took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him and cut off his head with it." — 1 Samuel 17:51

We tend to want to ignore the brutality and finality of this great moment. This young boy fought the greatest warrior of his day with a stick in one hand and stone and sling in the other. As we know, a stone to the forehead brought him down, but it was a sword that took his life and his head. And it wasn't a sword he took with him. The sword was out there, in the battle. David had to get it. This story isn't a parable, metaphor, or analogy — it's history, a true story of how one man went all-in for God. He's the hero we all want to be. And he faced into sin and was downright violent. Violent against injustice on behalf of God.

DO THIS: Go all-in today, get your sword, and slay sin.

PRAYER: God, I have coddled sin for too long. May I run headlong into injustice that brings dishonor to your name. Give me the courage, faith, and resources to get violent.


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