Speak Bold


And also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel—Ephesians 6:19

We should be praying this prayer daily for Christian men worldwide. In this time of canceling and disinformation and social revolt, we need men indwelled by the Spirit to proclaim boldly. But it's not a message of hatred; it's a message of hope. It's not a protest; it's a proclamation. It's not disinformation; it's the good news that people need to hear in a world of bad news. And brother, God wants to use you and me. So let's pray for our boldness. Let's raise tens of thousands of prayers for Christian men worldwide to open their mouth's in a bold proclamation, and together let's trust that God will save us and others from this wretched season.

ASK THIS: What fears do we have in proclaiming the gospel of truth?

DO THIS: Pray against these fears and for our boldness.

PRAY THIS: God, I pray for men everywhere. That men would boldly proclaim the truth. That we would no longer be indifferent and silent. That the Spirit within us would be greater than the spirit of the fear in the world. May we proclaim your truth despite our fears. We pray that many would come to salvation because of your truth, not our boldness that we may not boast. But may our bold proclamation be a witness of conviction in a world that's confused about truth, life, and godliness.

PLAY THIS: Zach Williams: Fear is a Liar


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