Speak Up

"But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." — Amos 5:24

These words from the prophet Amos, appear verbatim only a few paragraphs into Martin Luther King Jr's, iconic "I Have A Dream Speech." It's a speech and a moment that shaped the future of America as a nation. But do not forget Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who as a follower of Christ stood for principles based on God's Word. What he did was simple; convicted by God's Word he spoke up — not just for personal opinions, but for convictions based on the justice and righteousness of God. Few do this and therefore there are few that shape history. Amos and Martin Luther King Jr. did. Today what will you do?

DO THIS: Speak up for what is right and just.

PRAYER: God, as I see injustice and unrighteousness, I pray I will advocate for what is right and just. Nudge me as I learn to speak on your behalf.


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