When You Run Out Of Things To Say


The words of Job are ended.— Job 31:40

Now we might want to dismiss these six words as parenthetical. But I found this addition in the text interesting.

Just like the three men (Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar), Job has exhausted himself. His processing, explaining, and defending are done. And we end where this whole conversation began — in silence.

I don't know if you have had one of these moments in your life. But they are pretty powerful. They are moments where we are so overwhelmed that we don't know what to say. Our minds cannot process, and our hearts are overwhelmed. We experience moments like these at the birth of a child or at the death of a loved one. Or like Job here, in the middle of an overwhelming crisis

Sometimes it's good to be silent. To turn off the noise. To stop the busyness. To stop inputting data. To rest our weary hearts. To shut our mouths. And just be silent.

Mother Teresa once said:

In the silence of the heart God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you. Then you will know that you are nothing. It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself.

ASK THIS: Where is the noise in your life?

DO THIS: Be silent.

PRAY THIS: God, speak into the void of my silence.


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12 thoughts on “When You Run Out Of Things To Say

  1. Cory B says:

    When I want to speak up and defend myself against someone who trashes me based on the past and not the present.

  2. Dennis James says:

    When we are speaking , we are not listening and we are not listening, we are missing valuable information.
    James 1:19 Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak…
    There is a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth.

  3. Ed says:

    Much of the noise comes from my own mouth. That and the radio, internet, tv, and my job….
    May I begin a more quiet journey to closeness with the Lord

  4. rick says:

    Dale..prayers are being said right now for you..May you feel His Presence and Peace.
    Hang in there Brother

    • Ed says:

      Been there…. It’s not a good place. As Peter once said “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”
      In certain points of despair it can be comforting to know that there are zero tangible options out there worthy of our faith. Hang in there. Many times it can be jet black right before the dawn. The fact that you are in this group says something. You are not alone! Prayers going your way brother….

  5. Roger says:

    The noise of listening to others than God. Great quote from Mother Teresa. Thank you Vince for all you do.

  6. edkw says:

    I missed the song today that you usually post I like the variety of artist but always appreciate the words of the songs you post.

    • Duane McPheeters says:

      I agree the music selection has been spot on for me and others that I say “just take a moment to listen to these words in song”. Thanks for starting me in listening. Duane McPheeters