Spending Exposes A Man


He who loves wisdom makes his father glad, but a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth. By justice a king builds up the land, but he who exacts gifts tears it down. — Proverbs 29:3-4

These two sentences form a parallel. They talk about two men, a son and a ruler. One man is younger, and one is older, and it compares them. In both cases, these men waste something. They waste the same thing — wealth. But they waste wealth because there is something inherently wrong with their character. But it's how they use their wealth that exposes their character and their lust and greed.

But as we know, lust and greed in these mature forms don't just show up overnight. They start small. And when lust and greed are small, it's usually not that much of an issue because the impact isn't that great. We might even dismiss it if we see it. We think it's just a little lust here or a little greed there. But the problem is that over time we get comfortable with these longings, and they train us. They train us to think and behave in an ungodly way. And they are never satisfied. Thus our lust and greed must take from others, and they become victims of our ungodly character.

To undo this corrupt cycle, we must be retrained. We have to be retrained by learning to love two things. In the text, it's wisdom and justice. Wisdom, which retrains our character. Justice, which is wisdom applied.

So today, a first step might be assessing your lust and greed in how you spend money. Open your accounts and look at them for a while. Consider the waste you see and what it's declaring about your lust and greed. And then make a cut — a cut for the purpose of your character. I promise the benefits are great. They make a father proud. And they build up the land.

He who loves wisdom makes his father glad, but a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth. By justice a king builds up the land,
but he who exacts gifts tears it down. — Proverbs 29:3-4

ASK THIS: What do your accounts say about your greed?

DO THIS: Make a cut and address your lust and greed.

PRAY THIS: God, I need strength and courage to address my lust and greed. Show me today where I can address these small sins before they become bigger.

PLAY THIS: Phil Wickham - Battle Belongs.


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How We Spend Money Exposes A Man

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70 thoughts on “Spending Exposes A Man

  1. Randall Bradley says:

    We are currently studying the Book of John at church and I really enjoy it. I would like to see us Study John if we have not done so before.

  2. John Cray says:

    Hey Vince. I have a shirt, into my second Iron Men series you have produced (this new one from your James for Men), and have been following your daily for the better part of a year. For your next book for daily devo, recommend letters from Peter. Thanks and blessings to you.
    Letters of Peter

  3. Jason says:

    A friend shared this devotional series with me last week at the absolute lowest point in my life a new since Friday when I started listening, your messages have been perfectly timed by the Lord. Thank you for being All In.

  4. Charles says:

    Hello Vince,
    My vote is for the Book of James, staying on the message of wisdom. My secondary vote would be Colossians. Both are short, yet powerful and edifying.

  5. Keith says:

    Hey Vince. Can’t believe we are almost through the Proverbs. Want a fun ride that was. 🙌🙌🙌🙌. How about Galatians for the next one. 6 chapters. Paul is on fire with the Galatians. Just my $.02 before inflation. Keep it up Vince. 🙏🙏💪💪

  6. Greg Ranweiler says:

    I am enjoying your daily devotions. My son told me about them a couple months ago. I have
    reached out to a number of individuals encouraging them to watch them including our pastor here in Brainerd. You must be located close to where I grew up in North St. Paul. I look forward to talking or meeting you in the future. May God bless.
    My suggestion for next study is Timothy.

  7. Ruben T. Garcia, Sr says:

    How about 1st and 2nd Timothy. My second request is the book of Jude. I don’t ever recall having someone teach or preach out of this book.

    Praying for you brother Vince.
    I have a prayer, due to illness and other things I’m facing possible eviction of my family and need prayer to help resolve this issue.

    Blessing on You,

  8. Tom R says:

    I’d like 1 Timothy.

    Timothy’s model of being teachable and a teacher are so applicable to us men, at least me, today.

  9. Duane McPheeters says:

    I love the Book of Philippians. 4 chapters full of challenges in our walk with the Lord.
    Duane McPheeters

  10. Joey Brewster says:

    Good morning Vince,

    IT was great meeting you in AZ this past weekend. You inspired me and my two sons who attended a men’s retreat for the first time. I pray that God will continue the work you are doing for building Godly men in a world that desperately needs them. Thanks again for your ministry and I am excited to continue my ministry with a deeper passion to lead people to Christ and also building them up to strong Godly warriors.

    In HIS Service,

    Joey Brewster

  11. CJB says:

    In my current season, greed, possession’s and status no longer define me. However, today lust is right in my face.

    James is great, but it seems like if you’re currently in a bible study then it’s almost always covered. I love Romans, Ephesians, any of the Gospels and James. In that order. Thanks for asking our input Vince.

  12. Sheldon says:

    That I consume to much upon myself, when we should be involved in reaching the lost with the monies God has bless us with.

  13. Art says:

    1 John is a challenging book as are all the letters. Who wouldn’t want to hear from “the one that Jesus loved” ( John is funny that way)

  14. Tim Moody says:

    My vote is the book of Titus as it speaks to today’s culture and has a lot to say about what our purpose as men ought to be.

  15. Doug Attema says:

    Jude? 😉

    Recently Jude 24 & 25 did strike my heart. Christ presents us to the Father without fault and with great joy. We are a crown of splendor in the Lords hand. A royal diadem in the hand of our God.

  16. David L. Trima says:

    You can’t go wrong getting into any book. When I received my first Bible (about 55 years ago or so) I jumped right to Revelation

    • Paul Williams says:

      Hi Vince , thanks for sharing with us about recent men’s event it is Awesome to see God moving through the hearts of men! My vote for would be the book of Galatians.

  17. Trent says:

    Amen. I am not sure why I have the desire to amass wealth and status and luxury. I am a fairy simple man from a simple country life. I guess I feel like “things” mean I have made it? Idk. Lord take it from me. The desire for my social seal of success, my desire for worldly “success”. May I enjoy your creation and the work you have for me in it until I can go home.

  18. Dan Ridge says:

    Recommend 1John for next study or something from the gospels eg sermon on the mount Matthew 5-7 or John 14-17

  19. JasonB says:

    Titus or the Timmy letters…powerful little letters that call men to be leaders! To step out of our comfort zone and set an example of following Jesus unashamedly, regardless of age, status or any other excuse!! I’m glad you found AZ Vince, and it’s awesome to know that the AZ cohort is growing!! Welcome, brothers!

  20. Walter says:

    I’ve always liked the book of Matthew. I don’t understand most of it. I know you have an amazing way of teaching and explaining God’s word. I would love to hear your teaching on this book.

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