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Spiritual Gifts | The Impact Of You In Community With God

We often confuse natural with spiritual gifts, but I don’t think we should. Every Christian is given them, and some of us are in tune with them from a very young age. However, at the moment we choose to follow Christ these apparent natural talents are repurposed and used for not accomplishing our purposes but God’s. And in a community context, they have explosive application. You see everyone in this room has one and we each look for this contribution in community. Without community, they lack power, expression, and in turn impact.





What's up guys? Welcome to another edition of Man Talk. So glad you're here with us. You're joining us for the  first time, ManTalk is exactly what it sounds like. Men talking, men talking. We're talking about real relevance and gritty topics that a lot of times get set to the side because of business or just life happening. So, uh, we're continuing on 30 virtues that build a man. We're diving into spiritual gifts today. I'm really excited to hear some of your insights vans. Okay. I want to start you off with an easy one first. All right, good. All right. I want to know either the best gift you've given or the best gift you've received.

Okay. Best Gift I've given or received. Um, well, uh, okay. So years ago, my grandmother, when she passed away, gave me a ring that was actually worth a lot of money and I didn't realize it and she gave it to me as I was. Yeah, it was really pleasant surprise because I took it in to get it appraised and I realized that it was, you know, one and three quarter carat diamond, some blame. There was very, very pure and so I decided, decided to have it removed from my, my grandmother's ring and I dropped it into my wife's wedding ring. So that's the coolest gift I've ever given right there is worth more than my car just so you know, more than both our cars can be. I think it is, it's pretty expensive. It's pretty sweet. But I think my wife was really surprised. Oh man, that's awesome. Great. Good. I'm there. I'm trying to think. I can't even come close to that. You ever been given a gift like that? That I have never been given a one and three quarter carat diamond ring. So, um, and we'll see. Maybe a nice study earring or just one. I think I can pull that off. I think I can pull that up. So a very different direction. Spiritual gifts. I want to get this out in the open right away. What's the difference between like spiritual gifts and talents?

You know, I think guys, when it comes to like a spiritual living conflate these two ideas all the time and I don't think that we necessarily should confuse a talent with a gift. A, I believe that God imports us with talents when we're born and gifts when we're born and what happens is we have a moment that we surrender our life to Jesus Christ, right? And in that moment of surrender, we're surrendering our life and one of the things that we're surrendering is our very purpose. And in surrendering that purpose, we're now reallocating things that might've been human or natural talents toward Christ and having him use them for his reason and his purposes. So when we talk about a spiritual gift, I think we're talking about something that God gives us at birth, really, that we discover over a period of time and that we reallocate its purpose at spiritual birth. Therefore, we call it a spiritual gift. Now, the funny thing about a gift is it's something that you give to other people and I think guys often also conflate not only the reason why they've been given these gifts, but the purpose for which they use them, and I think unfortunately when it comes to the spiritual journey, these gifts are actually a gift, not for us. There are gifts for other people and we need to be giving them away. Does that make sense? Yeah,

that's a good distinction. I think growing up, my mom would always tell me I have the spiritual gift of talking. We never come back from school. I'd be like talks a lot. He never shuts his mouth. So that's good. Talking is not a spiritual gift. That's a talent that I have one that I need to need to learn how to shut off once in a while when you shut it off or when you use it

for God's purposes, it is a gift for other people, right? You know, uh, some, sometimes we want our kids to have the spiritual gift of sit down and shut up. Right? But in,

in this case, man, we're hoping that this, my wife wishes sometimes probably right, but we have to learn how to discern and how to use that gift and it's still beautiful even though we sometimes use it in unfortunate ways. Well, and I think that's a good, good segue. How have you discovered spiritual gifts in your own life? Different seasons or processes that you've walked through?

Yeah, that's a solid question because I think that that's probably the second question that a guy is going to have regarding his spiritual gifts. How do I, how do I understand these things? Well, I think often we discover, um, by I would say God, coincidence or happenstance, we get pushed off a ledge where we are forced to use them. So this is an example of how I discovered one of mine. So one of mine is communicating. I like to communicate as you can tell. And so I have the spiritual gifts of teaching and a prophecy. I'll go into that maybe later, but I discovered these things one day when I happened to be in a college class. I was a new Christian. I was in a college speech class. Okay. I was taking this class from a well known a speaker communicator that was an adjunct guy teaching the class and everybody wanted to take a class with them where their five kids in the class.

We all gave these little five minute talks, you know those awkward by minute talks because everybody's scared of talking. Right. And I gave up and gave my. I got up and gave my five minute talk and the teacher, Dr Patterson was so impressed. He asked me to teach a college class at his church. So he knew I was a Christian. He invited me to teach a class. I was scared to death about teaching this class. Right. But he came up to me after class and he said, Vince, I'm going to be gone this next week. Would you please teach my college Bible class? Wow. And I was like, I looked at him and I said, well, at any present five minutes, I don't know, but let's not say that, but let's just say that he was pushing me off a ledge spiritually. He saw that I had something special to give and so encouraged me to teach the class.

Well, I asked him, I told him, yeah, and then I asked him next, what's the class on? What am I supposed to teach on? And he said, well, the book of Ecclesiastes, everyone's dream big. Well, here's the worst part hat I know. He just pulled one out of the hat. Here's the worst part. I had only been a Christian for a month. I had no idea where the book of Ecclesiastes was. I had no idea. So I went and got my Bible. I opened it up and I struggled to find ecclesiastes is when I did, I read it. It was a very depressing book and I was like, oh my goodness, I'm going to have to teach a class on this. And then I found out that the class was full of 100 upper classmen, a hundred upperclassmen. I was a freshman teaching juniors and seniors, so I sweat all week about that.

I walked into the class ready to teach. I found my nicest shirt and my nicest pair of slacks because remember I'm a new Christian. I just put on what I thought was a broke college kid freshman. So I'm sitting in the front of this class about ready to start with 100 students in it and I am sweating. I'm so nervous. I'm scared to death. I get up to teach the class and Dr Phillip Patterson walks in and sits down in the back. He had pushed me off. He sent me up, dude. And as soon as I saw him, I was like, what is he doing here? He told me he's going to be gone. And uh, I just remember being nervous for the first couple a minute. And then after the next few minutes coming to continue to ensued, I loved it. I was just almost intoxicated with the experience I got done.

I sat down, I felt like I had ran a marathon. One of the senior class men walked up to me and said, dude, that was awesome. You should do that more often. Yeah. And so I know it's kind of a long story, but it's indicative of what I think most men need. We just need to be kind of pushed off the diving board sometimes into environments that are uncomfortable, that expose these things that God has blessed us with. Such a good snapshot of leadership in that too. For him to have that, that vision to see that opportunity. I mean, as you're describing right now, pivotal moment in your life are saying God and like these gifts had been planted in me and you know, I'm sure those would have been discovered at some point, but for his vision, his foresight to see that opportunity. I mean that was a really great example of leadership too and how we can inspire others around us to step up in their, their spiritual gifts.

Which I think that's, you know, really building on the next question because I think so often we'll, we'll do an assessment or we'll have someone tell us or observe. I see these gifts in. You saw often we have that tension of not using A. I mean, we see, we see a lot of giftedness within the body of Christ. We see a lot of gifts and giftedness within men. Um, so often it's under utilized. What are not only some of the challenges that, that we as men experience from going from that, hey, I've observed that I have these gifts to actually taking that step, to use those gifts. You know, that's, that's, uh, that's also, that's the, even, that's the best question you could possibly ask for guys to hear an answer to because I mean, you think about it. If I'm given the gift of communicating or teaching or prophesizing or anything in those verbal gifts, I think the next question becomes what context am I able to do that in?

And unfortunately over the years, you've probably heard this too, but I hear guys all the time say I don't have a context within which I can use my gifts, no outlet either the pastor won't let me do it or I go to work where I can't verbalize my faith. Right? But that is the great challenge for all men and what men tend to do is to to think that they're going to wait for the right moment or the right environment to do those things. For example, one day when I'm done working right, I'll go do ministry full time and I just, I just want to crack a guy upside the head for sand, something like that. No, like right now, in this moment is the moment that you've been given to influence. Figure out how to contextualize the gifts that God has given you. So for example, if it's communicating God's faith to other people, find a context within which you can use it.

I mean, you could do this at work. We all know it's possible. I can gather a Bible study at my work outside of work hours or at a coffee shop close by if I want to. I don't have to wait for the context to arise. I can pray about it for sure, but I don't have to wait for it. I can go take and contextualize the moment that are right within my own life or I can go to my pastor and say, hey, can I teach a class or can I lead a group or a, can I? Can I come on a trip where I can share my faith or give my testimony or, but we're not. We're just afraid to pursue those things. I think some men are afraid to look for those contexts and then do the hard work that relates to expressing those gifts, or I do think that sometimes men do get shut down on these things.

I don't. I don't. I think that is a reality that sometimes it gets shut down so they can't find an outlet for it, but we are. We're called to contextualize our gifts. You have very special gifts that God wants you to loose toward the world. It's your responsibility to steward those and to figure those out and go leverage them all you can. I love it when a guy comes to me and says, Hey, can I help you out by doing this? But it just doesn't happen all the time. Right, okay. Because guys are too ashamed to ask or too afraid to ask or can't figure out how to get. And there's a strange because I think there's an element of pride in that too, when, you know, we're just sitting there waiting for that opportunity. Someone's got to pick me, someone's got to choose me, someone's got to, you know, whatever, put me in this situation.

I just really think God loves when we step in and pursue and step out and say, man, God, you've given me this and I want to use it. And I think as soon as we do that hard work of that small first step, I think we just start to see more traction in that area too, which is incredible. Well, this is Kudos to you. Before we go on to our next point, like you've done that with me too. You've said I'd like to be able to do this and I like it when men say stuff like that, I'd like to be able to do this and let's figure that out together. Right? Let's talk about that. Let's gesture back and forth. Let's spar on that and try then talk about that. It's like man, talking is what it is. It's figuring out life together. It's not sitting on the sidelines on the bench and never getting in the game.

It's like we got to push ourselves to get into the game. The coach is not going to put me in. If I don't get off the bench stand next to them and say, look, I'm ready to go. You know? And I think sometimes that's what it is. Yeah. Yeah. So how does God's word inform not only that tension, but how we discover our gifts, how we use our guests, how we practice our spiritual gifts in the context of his body in the context of a, of a fallen world. Yeah. That's solid. So I think that's the best part about spiritual gifts is that they are not for you. They're not for me. Right? My spiritual gift is not for me. My spiritual gift is for other people. In fact, other people right now, or listening to me talk and their spirits are being stirred in a certain way or certain people are listening to you talk and being stirred in a certain way.

Those are gifts given to you to steward, but youth for other people and in the same way, there's people out there listening today that have gifts that they've been given to steward that there to share with me. And that's where the body coming together is incredible. You know, uh, Paul talks a lot about the spiritual body, about community, about fellowship, about, uh, the church. And that's what makes the church unique is when the body is functioning at its best. People are using their spiritual gifts and each other's being blessed from other people's spiritual gifts. And when they don't use them, we're actually withholding those resources from the body itself. When we rely upon a pastor to do all the work in the church, dude, that's like drinking from a nozzle that is dripping water. But when everybody is fluidly using their spiritual gifts, then the body is being greatly blessed.

I mean, look to acts chapter two, when the body is coming together and everybody's sharing, it's not just talking about sharing their things, it's talking about sharing who they are and look, the body started to explosive, really grow, and then people saw it and were like, yeah, what's going on with this thing over here? Right? And it just exploded with growth because people want to be a part of something like that. So I think that's what we learn about the body is a spiritual gifts are not for us. They're for us to steward. There are a gift from God to give to others. They are not a gift to us. And that's where community comes into play. Uh, that's great. And I think that's a, not only a challenge for me, but I think a challenge for all our listeners out there, as you know, if we've got two things, one, it's discover, identify. It's really figure out what those gifts are. Getting conversations like this where you're talking about what you see, what you love, what you're passionate about, the things that God's kind of spoken into your heart. Think that's such a good way to

discover what your spiritual gifts really are. A, we've got a tool on the website, be spiritual gifts assessment. I think that's a great place for guys to start if they just want a simple tool to start kind of exploring those things, but I think especially doing it in the context of Christian Brotherhood is really, really huge. And then the second piece of that challenge is do it. Like you can contextualize it, you know, find a place right now today, maybe in the next hour that you can really start to practice, practice

spiritual. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I think that's where the body becomes beautiful and by the way, God wants you to steward those things. You know, I always think about the parable of the talents. There's guy given five guy given to guy, given one and you know that were talent. There is a proportion of money, but it isn't so about so much about the money in the context. It's about the character of the man that was stewarding the talent and when he stewarded it, it in the right way, right? God blessed him with more. And so go steward your gift man. Go use it and watch God multiply it,

use it, do it right. Whatever you need to do is start putting it into practice and it doesn't a great challenge for you guys out there. Do you want more help? More tools to do that. Pick up a copy. 30 virtues that build a man. We can find that on the website. Be t h I r t y, but guys, thanks so much for joining in with us on another episode of ManTalk



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