At some point we all venture into new opportunities. As a leader, this moment comes often whether it be a new strategic program, a new product, a new structure, a new staff team, a potential merger, or venturing out on our own. Here are a few items to consider within you, your current business, and your future venture.

  • Provide something unique. Dare to be different, businesses that are similar run the risk of simply blending in.
  • Have extreme passion for your product. Be passionate about the business but also the product and the value it adds.
  • Build uncompromising product quality. Live for excellence, not just average. Average products don’t get the consumer vote.
  • Have clear guiding principles or values. Integrate guiding principles deeply into every layer of your organization and life.
  • Focus on the customer. Listen to the customers needs. Your wants are not the target market, it is always their needs. This is the only way to create a great value proposition.