Stop Being A Blow Hard


Then Job answered and said:

"I have heard many such things;
miserable comforters are you all.
Shall windy words have an end?
Or what provokes you that you answer?" — Job 16:1-3

These words are laughable. The biting sarcasm of Job here is honest, transparent, and real. In fact, as an actionable today, you need to read chapters 16-17. I want to especially encourage you to do this if you are suffering right now. You might find this kindred connection with Job. Even try to read these two chapters out loud. As you do, you will hear Job move through this progressive state of despair. First, he snaps back at his friends. Second, he proclaims that God is targeting him with their counsel. Third, we hear him hit the point where his spirit is broken. Fourth, he is so exhausted he longs to be set free by death.

You know we will all go through moments of despair in our life. But here is what I don't get. I don't understand why these men do this to him. I have seen this happen so many times. Where those that fear God sometimes shoot the already wounded. But I know why they do it. They think they got God figured out. And a person who thinks they have God figured out tends to solve rather than support and teach rather than comfort.

But here is my confession. I have done this so many times. When my wife has a bad day, I try to solve rather than support her. When my children make a mistake, I teach rather than comfort them. And there is a time for teaching and solving, but sometimes a hurting person only needs support because the situation is doing the teaching. Besides, support and comfort are rich with theology, and they tend to do less harm to a person that is hurting. So the next time someone hurting around you, consider this: stop being a blowhard.

ASK THIS: Who is someone who is hurting around you that needs your comfort? (Share a name or initials in the comments below.)

DO THIS: Read Job 16-17 out loud today.

PRAY THIS: God, bring comfort to those who are hurting. And may I be a minister of your grace to someone today.

PLAY THIS: Give Me Jesus.


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Eddie Ackerman

my children, they are on a summer schedule, which is basically a lack of schedule, and they are living on the same amount of sleep myself and my wife normally get, which is not a lot. God, please allow me to be mindful of the fact that my kids are in a state of disrupted schedules right now and need more of my patience than normal, so that I can tap into Your UNENDING patience when my reserve is empty. Amen.

Sheldon Bullard

Orian on the lost of her husband

Cory B

Myk and Bud

Ronald L Webster

My name Ron Webster and I’m home on house arrest through a tether and I was wondering how I could get hooked up with your virtual 30 lessons for inmates. I have the funds to pay for them but would need help with getting connected to the class or lessons. So please pray for me and help me to continue to strengthen my faith by studying God word and applying it to my life. Thanks


My wife
My daughter and her kids
My sons

Curt reimer

Peter F,Calvin w


There are so many I know who are hurting and fearful , we need to be aware of those who are suffering, many suffer behind smiles or in silence. K.P. , R.O are in my prayers


My wife.

Collin Boggs



Ralph & Robin

David J

Kaci, Emmaleigh, Kylee


My wife

John Krumm





Very true. I find myself arguing with my dad about taking his medications when he is the one who has to deal with the side effects.

Tim shea

Dan, Donna,

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