Stop Hiding Your Appreciation


Better is an open rebuke than hidden love. — Proverbs 27:5

There have been moments in my marriage when I have been struck by how much I love my wife. In these moments, I find my mind focusing on a particular trait she has. For example, maybe it’s how she holds herself or the look she gives. Other times it has been her passion for her work or ministry. And sometimes even a tiny trait she has — like her adventurous spirit, acts of service, hospitality, or thoughtfulness. These moments come and go lasting only briefly for me, but the thoughts sometimes linger throughout the day. And there have been many times that I have said nothing about these thoughts I have, which is a huge mistake. This is what the writer in the text calls "hidden love." Yet we shouldn’t hide it. We should declare it.

When we declare the private thoughts of our appreciation for others, they know where we stand. And get this, a rebuke works the same way. It’s a public declaration of something we feel — an injustice. And we don't have a problem publically declaring the injustices we feel. So why do we hide our love? Why do we hide our appreciation? Why do we hide our affection? We should declare our love in the same way we declare a rebuke — openly, honestly, with emotion, and out loud.

Today practice declaring your appreciation for others. When you have one of those moments you're thinking about how much you appreciate someone, like your wife, a child, or a friend, just say it. Love has a powerful impact on others, and it’s far more potent than a public rebuke.

ASK THIS: Who is someone you need to appreciate today?

DO THIS: Tell them right now what you appreciate and why. (Share it below)

PRAY THIS:  God, give me renewed masculine strength to show appreciation for others.

PLAY THIS: Thank You


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16 thoughts on “Stop Hiding Your Appreciation

  1. David says:

    My wife and my daughter. God, give me renewed masculine strength to show appreciation for others now and always.

  2. Ruben T. Garcia, Sr. says:

    My Lord and Savior most of all and then my wife, she with Gods help brought be out of what almost became a destructive future. She brought be out of it with her expressed love for me. I daily thank God for her coming into my life,

  3. Bill B. says:

    I appreciate my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His love, mercy, kindness, wisdom and protection for my family and me. I also appreciate my beautiful Godly wife Deb for her tireless efforts in taking care of our family and grandkids. She sacrifices her time and herself for all of us. I love YOU very much Jesus and Deb. XOXO

  4. Tim says:

    My wife, Debbie, is the greatest blessing in my life, after my relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks for this reminder that she doesn’t know what I am thinking – I need to tell her.

  5. Sheldon says:

    My wife she just like your wife has been the wind beneath my wings, unsung blessing God has gifted to me.

  6. Jeff Wahl says:

    This reminded my this morning of the word in Eph 6 about Fathers do not exasperate you children, but train them up in the Lord. Then I looked up the passage and was reminded that this comes on the heals of Paul explaining how we need to love our wives as Christ loves the church (us). Which leads to the ultimate example of this principle, Through the scriptures, God openly rebukes all of us for our sin, and He shows His open love for us by Jesus’s death on the cross and the gift of grace. Lord help me to show appreciation to other constantly in light of the love and appreciation you have and continue to show me.

  7. Cory D says:

    Taking this in a bit of a different direction. I remember many of my dad’s rebukes to me, probably deservedly so. However I know he had hidden love for me. A great reminder today not to hide my love. Amen Vince!

  8. Mark A. says:

    I appreciate my best friend (not a g/f), Louise. She is thoughtful, caring and very generous. God put us next door to each other as ministry partners in our neighborhood, which has a number of elderly and disabled people but also gave us the wisdom to know we do not belong in a relationship.

  9. CJB says:

    I appreciate my Anchor BS, Vince’s BS brothers and you Vince. For continuing to preach and put out His word through books and the daily devos. I am grateful and I appreciate you brothers.

  10. Daniel Rushton says:

    Thank you Mr. Miller for always doing these. To help us men be better men. My day isn’t complete until I read these. Actually my day doesn’t start till I read these. And yes I love these, and you my brother. God’s Blessing on you and all our brothers.

  11. Carl S. says:

    At one of our Great Lakes Region Wesleyan Conferences the Regional Superintendent’s teaching was “People do not understand the POWER of appreciation.” Oh how true. I hear more rebukes than appreciation. Rebukes are needed at times but appreciation builds us up. Lord, please help all of us to learn the power of appreciation and to speak it it out load. Amen

  12. Brian says:

    I appreciate Anna, my wife for her loving devotion and service to our family. Thank you
    To my good friend Bub who has listen to me share some hard time and just listens and supports. Thank you