In the future, when your son asks you, “What is the meaning of the stipulations, decrees and laws the Lord our God has commanded you?” tell him: “We were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt, but the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. Before our eyes the Lord sent signs and wonders—great and terrible—on Egypt and Pharaoh and his whole household. But he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land he promised on oath to our ancestors. The Lord commanded us to obey all these decrees and to fear the Lord our God, so that we might always prosper and be kept alive, as is the case today.  Deuteronomy 6:20-24

Stories passed between family members carry a great deal of weight. Children are in a position to both ask and trust the word of the generations ahead of them. Some of my favorite memories involve sitting around a holiday meal hearing my grandfather share stories about the many life lessons he has learned. Many of those experiences have guided my decisions and are passed down to my children. There is an excellent power in the passing of story between generations. Moses tells the people of God to share their story with their children.

How should a man respond to the questions of his child? Be prepared to share your reason for obeying God. There is always a story that accompanies obedience. Know that account and be ready to explain to a younger generation where God has been present in your story. Obedience and disobedience both create valuable lessons learned. Pass on that knowledge through the telling of your experiences.

DO THIS TODAY: Think of on experience with God you can pass on.