"For we all stumble in many ways."—James 3:2

This week an older man mistook an emergency exit for a bathroom on a plane, which resulted in a long awkward delay. Here are two thoughts on this situation. First, we're all are going to stumble on the wrong door eventually. Second, wouldn't you want someone to save you time and your dignity by stepping in to avoid the stumble in the first place?

Life is full of challenges and setbacks, and I guarantee this week, you will have one. But think of how much time we would save everyone if we just stepped into to help our fellow man so that he could avoid issues that complicate life? If not for selfish reasons (your time), wouldn't you want someone to save you from embarrassment and rescue your dignity by gently stepping in before you stumbled?

DO THIS: Help others to avoid the stumble.

PRAYER: God, give me eyes to see the stumble and the courage to speak up.


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