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A former Eagle Brook Church administrator leads a nonprofit with a mission of “discipling and developing men as leaders.”

Vadnais Heights resident Vince Miller founded RESOLUTE in early 2014. Its principal offering is a 22-month weekly leadership and spiritual growth course for men. Nearly 20 groups of approximately a dozen men are currently meeting at locations across the metro.

Having spent his entire career in Christian ministry, Miller said he found that men are less engaged in faith communities. There are few Bible study opportunities specifically for men, and men average only 39 percent of the adult congregation of churches in the U.S., according to Miller.

“I think men are looking for something more than most churches provide. They are looking for a brotherhood to grow with,” Miller said.

Miller said he long aspired to develop a small-group program for men that creates that brotherhood. Miller wrote the curriculum and tested and refined it at a few pilot groups before formally launching RESOLUTE.

The nonprofit is governed by a board lead by St. Jude Operations manager and Hugo resident Jeremy Juergens. Miller is its president. Miller and several part-time staff lead the groups, which they call cohorts.

There is a common curriculum and schedule that each cohort follows for its 90-minute weekly sessions. It’s designed to actively engage participants in discussion and self-reflection, Miller said.

The cohorts devote the first year to studying the Bible, discussing how the Scripture applies to their daily lives and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, Miller said. The next year concentrates on leadership skills development.

Last week the five cohorts that Miller leads discussed giving and receiving feedback. He said that feedback “is one of the greatest tools a guy can have in his tool belt.” This week his groups are talking about trust. “It’s the most valuable commodity we share in leadership. You have to earn it and give it,” Miller said.