The Atrophy Of Self-Preservation

For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.—Matthew 16:25

"The gradual decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect."—Atrophy's definition

Atrophy of a spiritual nature is an elusive spiritual epidemic among Christian's today. Since it has been undiagnosed, many Christians are unaware that it is happening. The appeal of attractional churches, entertainment-driven experiences, and the disproportionate low bar in Christian discipleship are merely contributing factors. These "relevant" adaptations have given way to an epidemic of spiritual atrophy which has been silently reshaping male leadership, the discipleship of men, and the mentorship of young men. Without realizing it, countless men have thrown in the towel of spiritual leadership. [Don't stop reading here]. Add to this the guilt men feel about their sin, the frustration of current cultural movements attacking the values of Christian men, the failure of Christian leaders in responding intelligibly to trending issues, and the voice of self-disqualification that men hear when listening to the shaming voices of opposing political, religious, and business views—it's no wonder why we as men are confused about how to respond. All this has resulted in leaving men who still occasionally come to church feeling ill-equipped to be the husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders needed in our day. This is not an indictment against the church or men; it's an opportune moment.

The only way to combat this epidemic is with one man—a man who is willing to flex his atrophied spiritual muscle. It only takes a man who is ready to push through the hesitation, doubt, confusion, vacillation, uncertainty, apathy, indifference, ignorance, indecision, and passivity. Yes, it will be challenging, painful, heavy, hard, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. Some onlookers will say, "What in the living world are you doing?" But I believe the man taking the time to read this wants to be this man. Will you join me? Will you "lose to win?"

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PRAYER: God, give us a multitude of men who are willing to fight with spiritual atrophy.


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