The Cheating Ref | Tim Donaghy

"I am the good shepherd." —John 10:11

ESPN featured an article yesterday about Tim Donaghy, an ex-NBA referee, who claims and confesses to fixing game spreads with manipulated foul calling. While this underwent a stringent investigation by the FBI and the NBA disproving his own claims, ESPN found in their own statistical investigation that it is very probable that his attempts were more than likely—they were probable. While this drama will probably continue for years to come, it demonstrates that with "influence comes responsibility."

You at some point will understand the intersection of these two points—the intersection of "influence and responsibility." At some point, you will have the opportunity to use the influence, that God gave you, for "his good" or "your evil." And God is putting you to the test. This moment will come upon you abruptly. Perhaps it will be a moment at work to abuse authority. Or it will be a moment at home to over discipline a child. Maybe it will be a moment with your spouse to use fear, guilt, manipulation, or blame to control your relationship with her. Either way at this moment you have a choice—to do "his good" or "your evil." But as you make a choice, remember Jesus always choose well—"I am the good shepherd."

DO THIS: Make the best choices today.

PRAYER: God, my heart is wayward. I often choose my way over yours. My heart is devious and selfish. Help me to pick you, your goodness, and use the power and influence you have apportioned to me to do your good and not my evil today.


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