The Drift

"Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it." —Hebrews 2:1

The enemy has numerous methods for attacking a man of faith. One of his methods is the "drift." He lures a man in with small or even tiny decisions you make over time. While you are conscious of these decisions, the long term consequences will tend to evade you. And this is all part of the enemy's plan. He wants you to be less unconscious of the results that await you. Unconscious of the long term consequences of momentary pleasure and their impact on your family, marriage, finances, friendships, career, and yourself. Therefore knowing his plan, you must daily "pay much closer attention to what you have heard, lest you drift."

DO THIS: Avoid the drift and test every desire, thought, and action.

PRAYER: God, alert me when the choices I am presented with today lead to drift. Sound a loud alarm in me!


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