The End Of Law


For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.—Romans 10:4

There is an end. And Christ is this end. The end of what? The end of the law.

But what law? The law of unrighteousness that comes from sin, which leads to death.

If you feel judged by others and even your own sin—don't fear! Christ ended unrighteousness in his righteous life through his death and resurrection. Because of him, you are now right before God. Your identity is permanently changed. It's available to all. It's for all who believe. Don't live in unbelief and live subject to a law that has been ended.

ASK THIS: Where are you allowing yourself to be imprisoned by the law?

DO THIS: Believe and accept the righteousness of God.

PRAY THIS: God, I don't always believe. My sin is great. The consequences of my sin remind me. And the voice of unbelief shouts at me. Help my unbelief. Set me free from the bondage of my unbelieving mind.

HEAR THIS: Matt Maher: Lord, I Need You


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