The Godly Man

Being a godly man is something more challenging than you expect. Godliness is not the sum of your behavior—it's not about the activity of reading the Bible, going to church regularly, giving generously, or even being obedient. For each of these activities does not earn your entrance into heaven or accomplish a sense of personal righteousness. If this were the case, you would not need Christ. None of these activities are inherently bad, they are good activities—but they must be done from the right motivation. And Jesus reminds of this below because you can steal the purpose of these meaningful activities and empty them of their meaning by simply turning them into rituals and religious practices. So today, let God be the "Lord" of not just your activity but your motivation today and give meaning back to his name—he's your "Lord."

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” —Luke 6:46

DO THIS: Give meaning back to His name.

PRAYER: God, today, you are Lord of all things. Be commander in chief not only of my activity but my motivation.


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