The Last Chapter of Life


And the high priest said, “Are these things so?”

And Stephen said: “Brothers and fathers, hear me." — Acts 7:1-2

The speech Stephen delivers here will be his last. By the end of the chapter, he will be executed by the Sanhedrin. Yet his speech here is of tremendous power and insight. Based on what he has proclaimed publically in the previous chapter, Stephen is seized, and officials claim he is guilty of four accounts of religious blasphemy. The four accounts are heresy against God, Moses, the Law, and the Temple. But we know that Stephen is not rejecting any of these things. He is actually in full support of them. And in his presentation, he turns the table on the Sanhedrin, claiming that he is not the heretic — they are. They are the real heretics because they have rejected Jesus, who is the fulfillment of all these things. So as you read this chapter, you will notice that Stephen's defense is a response to each one of these four charges and that he uses Jewish history, their own history, to prove his point. It's tough to even categorize Stephen's presentation as a defense. It's really an offensive move of the Holy Spirit indwelling a brave man to bring an indictment against the Sanhedrin.

And his ultimate point is this:

Throughout history, religious leaders have always killed the prophets who came to deliver them. But you have done this the Messiah himself — Jesus who is the Christ.

You know death is always difficult. Yet, one out of one still dies. Some of us will die of old age, maybe disease, or even a disastrous event. But Stephen does not die from any of these. He dies defending his faith in Jesus. What a glorious way to depart this life and enter the next. He enjoys a short moment defending the Savior of the World and seconds later departs to see the Savior face-to-face.

I would say that would be an incredible way to go.

ASK THIS: Will you defend Jesus till your life is done?

DO THIS: If so, give a defense today.

PRAY THIS: God, may your Spirit give me words and wisdom to give a reason for my belief in you.

PLAY THIS: Face To Face With Christ, My Savior.


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The Last Chapter of Life

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16 thoughts on “The Last Chapter of Life

  1. Dennis James says:

    LORD , give us all the strength , determination and zeal to stand strong and defend our faith and and our LORD and Savior Jesus as we face these times of uncertainty. Let us have the courage of the Lion of Judah and stand steadfast in the face of adversity. Let us truly be All In , no matter the cost.

  2. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I love how many “UNLEARNED” people in the first church are used in POWERFUL ways to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. most of the disciples were considered unlearned by the religious leaders of the day, but they were all used in UNMISTAKABLE ways to further the message, even Judas Iscariot had a big role to play in our salvation, despite his natural inclination for greed.

  3. Cory B says:

    I pray for courage and strength to defend Him until the day I die. My defense is the Bible and all the truths within it and how it has worked in my own life. I pray the Holy Spirit will give me the wisdom, discernment and words when that time comes to step up and defend Him.

  4. W. James Anderson says:

    I will defend and share what I know about God until I die. A lot has happened since I received Christ in 1987 and a lot will happen before I die. We learn and re learn and change and then learn and re learn and change. We’ll question, doubt and all the rest. We will live life. Through it all, hmmmmm…. That will be seen. 🌺💀🌺

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