The measure of a man is meticulously defined.
A tapestry crafted and skillfully designed.
Each action a layer that builds on the last.
Carefully constructing and weaving his past.

Conviction of spirit and honesty combine,
where integrity, truth, and honor entwine.
Compassion for others, not afraid to console,
with passion and drive to stretch for the goal.

God’s in the center of decisions he makes,
seeking counsel for every direction he takes.
His principles strong, with no compromise.
No hidden agendas, masquerades, or disguise.

A firm guiding hand at the opportune time.
A shoulder to cry on, a poetic rhyme.
With loyalty and trust, ambition, and pride,
He stands on his faith, committed to his bride.

The same around others as he is all alone.
He prospers in the Word as his soul has grown.
He courageously stands when most simply ran.
These are the qualities that measure a man.

by Kevin Pace