The Sarcasm of God


Where is the way to the dwelling of light,
and where is the place of darkness,
that you may take it to its territory
and that you may discern the paths to its home?
You know, for you were born then,
and the number of your days is great! — Job 38:19-21

The point being made is this — That long before everything, there was God, not man.

This is because a Creator must exist before all things!

God existed before light and before darkness. And it was God who formed, created, and spoke light into existence. God by his own choice and power created all forms of electromagnetic radiation and the visible form that we call light. And not just light itself but how it forms and moves. It is the first thing God spoke into space and time. And still today our greatest of scientists do not fully understand it. But God understands it. And thus God enjoys the right to give Job a sarcastic response given his limited knowledge.

At no point will our age, wisdom, power, and knowledge match with God's. But for some reason, as God points out to Job, we have moments we think it does. We have these brief moments of greatness. With them come these momentary thoughts that we are great. But don't fall for the lie buried in that momentary thought. That is unless you want to hear the sarcasm of God.

ASK THIS: Do you have any momentary thoughts of greatest? (Confess them in the comments below)

DO THIS: Confess them before you hear the sarcasm of God.

PRAY THIS: God, I bring everything that is great and not great about me to you.

PLAY THIS: Great Are You Lord.


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12 thoughts on “The Sarcasm of God

  1. Cory B says:

    All too frequently. I have gotten substantially better at not judging, but I still do. Usually when comparing myself to others. I have more, I give more, I’m righteous. It used to be a lot of materialistic things and now it is more Godly and self righteous things.

  2. Rex says:

    I am learning a lot through these times in the book of Job. I am learning how little I am.

  3. SG says:

    I’m guilty of thinking much higher of myself to myself when I compare/contrast myself to others. Lord please forgive me, help me to be humble in you!

  4. David J says:

    Yes at times I do think more of myself than I should. God help me to stay humble and seek your word everyday of my life.

  5. Sam says:

    I do especially about my intelligence and accomplishments, I tend to brag about my limited education and sometimes I do not proclaim that it is God who has given me the gifts and knowledge to achieve them.

  6. Alex Coon says:

    Yeah, I have my moments really thinking I’m hot fire when it comes to living a righteous lifestyle. I’ve gotta pinch myself to be reminded that are blessings and growth comes from God. If I couldn’t live independently from God then, I certainly can’t live that way now.

  7. Ed says:

    I get too focused on the decay around me and don’t even see what’s decaying in my own soul sometimes. I use “self righteous sarcasm” of my own to belittle and mock others and what goes on around me. May god have mercy on us all and give those of us that have claimed him as our savior the faith and ability to have mercy and compassion for those that are truly lost and to pray for our brothers in Christ that share in this struggle here on earth so we may allow Christ to flow through us and put our own corrupt flesh to death

  8. Jack Dellinger says:

    I was working for a nonprofit. What I was doing was worthy, necessary and beneficial to the organization. On my part it required a commitment of time, money and wear and tear on me. Somewhere along the way I got the idea I was the only person who could/would do this, until God, through the Holy Spirit, said to me, “so you actually think you are the only person I could have used for this…you need to be thanking me for allowing you to do this for me.”

    Though words to hear, but I haven’t been the same since. My spiritual hat size went from XL to S.

  9. Ettiene Grobler says:

    Yes I do have my moments where I forget that I am nothing outside of God, and where I think I am the greatest/best.

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