The Steadfast Effect


And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing..—James 1:4

There is an effect that comes from faith under trial—it's steadfastness. But notice steadfastness has its own effect, a full effect. And many of us will endure a partial effect but not a full effect. The pain and discomfort of this life scream, "Turn back!" But, not James. James tells us to push through the obstacles of faith and look beyond the present pain. It's a clarion call to be steadfast so that we will experience something wonderful that we miss when we give up in faith—perfection, and completeness. Brother, if you want to lack nothing in faith, then push through with faith and discover the wonder of the steadfast effect.

ASK THIS: What trial are you presently facing that you want to give up on?

DO THIS: Be steadfast in the faith—with me.

PRAY THIS: God, this season beckons me to give in and give up. In my weakness, make me stronger. In my unbelief, increase my belief. Please give me strength today to be steadfast and therefore complete lacking nothing.

PLAY THIS: Gateway Worship: Steadfast


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