The Voice In My Head

"Therefore do not be ashamed...”—2 Timothy 1:8

Too often the voice in your head says something very different than God's Word. I know this is true, and so do you. My greatest enemy is not what others say; it's what I believe about what others say, have said, or have inferred. And once this enemy wars within, there is a downward spiral of rumination. Then guilt, regret, sadness, and even bitterness arise which sometimes leads to anger and rage building into sin at the perceived injustice that has become reality to you and me. These voices construct a belief system in our minds so powerful they control our lives. And Paul the apostle understood this. Thus he wrote the words above to his young protege Timothy—"do not be ashamed." 

Brother your shame is your indicator that something is amiss, off, and out of alignment. When shame signals, ruminate on the truth about you, not the false assumptions that will occupy your mind. With all your effort fight the battle battle within against the shameful voices in your head. Remember, "The Lord is on [your] side; [do] not fear. What can man do to [you]?" Psalm 118:6

DO THIS: Live in truth not shame. Fight off the voices today.

PRAYER: God, may your voice of truth shout louder than the ones in my head.


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