An uncomplicated spiritual growth and mentorship guide to becoming more Christ-like. Spend time with God or someone else and talk through the questions in this book together. That’s it.


Vince Miller has authored 20 books and is the founder of Resolute, which has trained thousands of men and organizations in discipleship.


We surveyed 1,500 men who we’ve trained. This is what they wanted and what you get:

A step-by-step plan to grow spiritually.

205 questions to see and unpack God's truth.

Positive accountability that will drive you toward growth.

Unforgettable lessons about leadership.

Discussions focused on character development for any stage of life.

Personal challenges that help men become more like Christ.

How to be a father and know the Father.

Attributes of manhood that lead to transformed men.

A means to share life wisdom with another man.


Men can use it as a personal devotion, one-on-one, or in a small group.

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Despite what we may have heard, no man can truly thrive as a loner.  We all need interaction with others, and especially other men.  Vince Miller has put together a great resource for guys to come together and dig into the character traits that make us the type of man that God designed us to be.

Jim Daly, President, Focus On The Family

Michael Card Vince Miller Endorsement

Today, more than ever, men need focus and structure. Vince Miller, who has been encouraging men to grow in their faith for over 20 years, has given us just this in his new book "Thirty Virtues that Build A Man." It is designed to be used solo or even more effectively as a mentoring guide in thirty 2-page lessons. That’s the structure. The focus is on thirty virtues every man needs to integrate into his heart and mind. This is a tool every father, husband or grandfather can use to encourage and build up younger men. It is a blueprint for discipling and mentorship, just what those of us who are wanting to be used to build up others have been waiting for.

Michael Card, Singer/Songwriter, Author & Speaker

Vince Miller understands the challenges men face in today’s demanding society.  In his newest book, Thirty Virtues That Build A Man, Vince gives fresh, clear, actionable solutions that can bring freedom, a new start, and lasting results. This mentoring guide is a game changer!

Ken Larson, President, Slumberland Furniture

Ken Larson Vince Miller Endorsement

The “Thirty” resource is exactly what men need today.  Straight-forward, biblically-based, easy-to-use tools for men to use in private reflection or in mentoring.  Using these resources, men will be challenged and equipped to experience the transforming power of Christ. 

Dan Busby, President, ECFA

I see in “Thirty Virtues” the many years that Vince has invested into discipling men. This valuable resource reflects the wisdom gained through that Kingdom investment.

Brian Doyle, Founder & President, Iron Sharpens Iron


To find a man that cares as much about Jesus as he does reaching men as Vince Miller does is hard to find. Vince has dedicated his life to raising up Godly men in a culture that is bent on emasculating our manhood. Vince’s heart to see men lead their homes, businesses and community comes through in every book and talk he gives. His ability to mentor and raise up mentors for men through resources and material is extraordinary.

Todd McIntyre, Men's Pastor, Gateway Church


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Using Thirty Virtues That Build A Man

I’m a thirty-something entrepreneur who volunteers some extra time to help Resolute because they have helped me become a better man. Like you, I wanted to grow spiritually and help others grow spiritually. But I had no idea how to go about it.

Then a friend challenged me to go to a Resolute Men’s Breakfast. How could I say no to bacon? The room packed with men: millennials to baby boomers, bikers to pastors and military to civilians.

As I talked with these men, I realized they all had one thing in common: they were not there for bacon. They were hungry for change.

Then the founder, Vince Miller, got on stage and spoke a strong message that lit a fire under my butt. No joke, it was like the chairs at our table were on fire because every man instantly stood to accept Vince’s challenge.

See Vince tried for 20 years (2-5 times per year) to find a mentor after his grandfather died. But everyone was always “too busy” or “didn’t know how.”  Vince was so fed up with the NOs that he decided to create a system that simplified mentoring (and being mentored by) other men.

He wanted to make it so easy that men could no longer say, “I’m too busy” and “I don’t know how.” So I accepted Vince’s challenge to stop doing NOTHING and to be mentored and become a mentor to another man. I had no excuses…. Because The “Thirty Virtues that Build a Man” guide, that Vince created, provided me a page-by-page plan to have a spiritual conversation with another man—without the feeling awkward.

Instead of making excuses, I just started. I invited one man to have coffee, and that meeting turned into two guys and then somehow turned into a small group of five men that get into God’s Word together weekly.

God is doing something big. I can honestly say that I leave those meetings feeling alive from unpacking God’s truth with other men. Yet also feeling stretched by the challenges we have to complete before the next meeting.We even group text each other about the challenges during the week just because we want to chat about how hard they are. For example, this week we had to find three opportunities to show our wives grace, and I used them all up within my first hour of being home!!!

Men, I don’t know of anything that will grow you faster than real accountability from other men paired with The Thirty Virtues that Build a Man. We were not meant to do this life alone men. No excuses. Buy the book.