Thoughts Of Evil Judges


Have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?—James 2:4

Some Judges do not judge fairly. This is because their thoughts about the world and motives shape their judgments, which impact their interpretation and decisions on the law. As a result, they make distinctions that favor a future they reimagine. And this is frustrating because it results in an unstable law from Judge to Judge. We want a law that's predictable and Judges who judge predictably.

But in some way, we are all Judges. We are husbands, fathers, and leaders that judge. We make judgments and distinctions among ourselves based on our experiences, likes, and preferences. We make distinctions based on the character, competency, and chemistry we have with others. Often we will have an evil thought as we judge. Right at this moment, we must acknowledge that we, too, will be judged. As Christian men, we know there is only one Law and one Judge. One Law that declares all men guilty, and One Judge that by his mercy extends grace to a world of men with evil thoughts.

ASK THIS: What evil thoughts do you have in your judgments of others?

DO THIS: Cleanse your thinking, attitude, and action by bringing your judgment to the only fair Judge.

PRAY THIS: God, cleanse me of every evil thought and unjust judgment. May I represent your truth and righteousness by being fair in every judgment I make today.

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