Three Criteria Of Leaders Who Serve


Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this duty. — Acts 6:3

There will always be a need for leaders who serve. This is true in the church, in the workplace, and life. But sometimes, I have noticed that we bypass some important criteria in our selection process in the church. To meet urgent needs, we bypass some important qualities that are essential to great leadership.

In this situation, what is happening is the apostles have increasing needs based on massive growth within the church. These needs are consuming the apostles' time, and therefore they need to select some men to help mediate these needs. They decide to select a special group of seven men. But they determined that these seven men should have three important qualities. They determined these qualities given the demands, responsibilities, and increasing tensions between new Greek and Hebrew believers.

So here were the three qualities they determined. First, they needed men who were "well-respected." In other words, they had to be men who both Greeks and Hebrews would recognize and respect. Second, they needed men who were "full of the Holy Spirit." In other words, there was a noticeable difference in how they responded to the gospel and their spiritual demeanor after the coming of the Holy Spirit. Third, they needed men who were "full of wisdom." So they were men who had some experience in making challenging decisions that would actually lighten the load on the church and the apostles.

I think these qualities are something to which all men should aspire. These are the qualities we need in men who serve in God's church but also in business, government, and education. Men who are qualified and prepared to lead. Men who are well-respected, full of the Spirit, and full of wisdom.

So, today, I don't know if you are being called into leadership or looking for someone to lead. But I think these are qualities that all men need to give attention to. So today give this attention by:

  • Increasing your respect among different people groups.
  • Inviting the Holy Spirit to fill you and refusing to live by natural means.
  • Growing in wisdom through the situations you encounter.

And who knows, maybe given time, God will select you for a special role in his kingdom work.

ASK THIS: In which of the three areas do you need to grow?

DO THIS: Invest some time in giving this one area some attention.

PRAY THIS: God, prepare me to be your leader, in your way, and in your time.

PLAY THIS: Lead Me — Sanctus Real.


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12 thoughts on “Three Criteria Of Leaders Who Serve

  1. Cory B says:

    I pray when given the opportunity to step up and lead that I don’t hesitate and miss out.

  2. Dennis James says:

    To be a leader, one must learn to follow. As we all struggle during these trying times, we must allow God to lead us and we must follow Him more than ever.

  3. Corey says:

    Men, that song “Lead Me” is spot on and has been ever since it was released!

  4. David Josker says:

    I definitely need more of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill my heart and soul.

  5. Sheldon says:

    Inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me and help me not to live by natural means. how soon we so quick to try and solve problems in the energy of the flesh rather than trusting the Holy Spirit.

    • Carl says:

      Sheldon, You are not alone. I have to every day intentionally focus on God’s gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me to guide my thoughts, actions, and the words I speak to let His light shine through me. I know I can’t do it alone and forget that sometimes.

  6. W. James Anderson says:

    I prefer a supporting role. Not the guy who wants to lead. Still important none the less. 😎 I need growth in all three areas.

  7. Loryn says:

    Perfect timing for this. I have been asked to be a coleader in a group that I am in. When the leader contacted me she said, I would be a perfect fit as I am dependable and know the Bible. Have my training on Sunday.

    • Sheldon says:

      Loryn I know that with God’s help you can do all things for it is he who gives us the strength. go for it!!!!

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