Here are 4 things I wish I would have done more of as a leader when I was in my early 20’s.

  • Taken More Measurable Risks. As you get older you take on more responsibility and it becomes more difficult to take risks. Take them in your 20’s. Do things just out of your reach!
  • Have Big Leaders Mentor Me. The speed of the leader the speed of the follower. Find the biggest ones you know and have them develop you. They probably will if you would have just asked. Just think about how different you would be in 5 years if you were discipled and developed by a legacy leader in your field.
  • Applied The Fundamentals Consistently. Everything has a short list of fundamentals. Learn them and do them consistently.
  • Actively Sought Feedback (& Applied It). Be receptive to feedback and become more quickly pliable. Everyone see things you don’t about yourself. Listen to them. Their perception is their reality, and sometimes this is helpful to hear to improve.