When God Takes You From One Place To The Next


And he brought them to the land of Shinar, to the house of his god, and placed the vessels in the treasury of his god. — Daniel 1:2b

Did you notice the beginning of this verse? It starts with "And he." So the question is, who is the "he" that is doing the bringing here? Well, the "he" that is doing the bringing is God. As we noted two days ago in the previous verses, God was doing the giving thus, we must conclude that he is also doing the bringing. It was God who was giving Jehoiakim, Jerusalem, and the vessels over to an enemy nation and king. Now Nebuchadnezzar may have felt like he did it, but Daniel didn't feel this way, nor did he retell the story this way. Do you know why? Because a redeemed man who lives his life directed by a biblical worldview knows that God is always behind all things. And he is comfortable with this idea.

And then look where God brought them. To "Shinar." Do you know where this is? It's an infamous Old Testament location. You can read about it in Genesis 11:1-9. It's the location of the Tower of Babel. So think about this for a minute. God takes his people from the glory of the Holy City and the location of the Temple of God into captivity inside the impenetrable city of the Tower of Babel, also known as Babylonia. A city whose walls were 85 feet thick, stood 300 feet tall, and were 60 miles around, protected by a giant moat. Behind which God's people would be enslaved for the next 70 years.

Interesting, isn't it?

Given the times we live and the changes in culture, don't you wonder how long it might be until God brings us into times just like these? I do.

Yet, in this change of circumstance, we learn two things. First, God is always in control regardless of the challenges we face. Second, he is looking for faithful men irrespective of whether we live in Jerusalem or Babylonia. So the question I have for us all today is this — are you that man, and do you trust that kind of God? Or is your faith only in yourself, a season, a culture, and a political savior? Put all your hope in God today.

ASK THIS: Are you putting your hope in God and his salvation?

DO THIS: Put all your hope in God today.

PRAY THIS: God, I don't trust in anything but you!

PLAY THIS: Aaron Shust - My Hope Is In You.


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When God Takes You From One Place To The Next

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14 thoughts on “When God Takes You From One Place To The Next

  1. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I personally do not follow the news or politics because it can be polarized and/or depressing and I prefer to focus my attention on things that are worthy of being praised, things from above instead of things of this world. God is in charge of everything, so I simply try to listen for His voice, but I don’t need to focus on the negative voices on both sides of any heated argument about finite things.

  2. Chris Caliguire says:

    Amen! I get to feeling down when presidents lie, (even when they can be fact checked with today’s technology) people actually believe them, and every 4 years the next guy runs on Change. Change change change. Sick of it. My cozy retirement at the cabin in 15 years prbly won’t be. Golf balls will be$100 each. But God! I NEED to remember what He has planned is better than we could imagine! America hasn’t been hit hard enough to appreciate that and it’s gonna suck when we do get hit. I think that’s when people will really start to notice the difference in authentic Christians

    • Dennis Burk says:

      To all. I’m almost speechless. (A rare moment).
      After raising 4 adopted kids (each with baggage), plus way too many foster kids, I’m only sure that God loves me so much, Jesus died etc., and Holy Spirit is here, loving, guiding, comforting.
      Vince, your words ring true.
      What’s next? God knows!
      Will we be strong?
      I pray we will.
      I now have grandsons, one starting university. They love God, nothing could make me happier.
      Can they stand against the prejudice? The need to be accepted.
      The stand against wrong morals, vain philosophies, on and on.
      Trust God is the only thing.
      Every day, every night.
      God help us.

  3. Christopher Adkins says:

    When did God change from being a God of Judgement on His own people for their sins or offenses to a God of Mercy where atrocious behavior is overlooked.

  4. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Thanks Pastor Vince. Tough, but necessary and great questions. I am this man! I will NOT bow to the lures or challenges of this fading world. May Christ Jesus be made manifest in me, and truly glorified through my life.
    He is, and will always be my strength!

  5. Jack says:

    It seems to me that Judah’s problems began with unholy alliances. Some stemming from assuming the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I see a strong parallel to today’s political landscape. But the alarming thing to me is the unholy alliance the Church is forming with the world.

    One step further is the unholy alliances men too readily enter for instant gratification. While lust is considered a “biggie” we men are infested by many more small termites that are silently eating away at the framework of our soul. The challenge is to go into the dark, eerie crawl space and get them out.

    I don’t mean this to be negative it is just reality. I believe the writer of Ecclesiastes had it right when he said “there is nothing new under the sun”.

  6. Trent says:

    I have a tendency to put to much hope in going home and neglect things here. “I am going home so to heck with this place. Why put effort into anything?” But I have a feeling that is not right wise thinking. Father may my hope be in you but my task here at hand may I not neglect.

    • Chris Caliguire says:

      I have a book on the way entitled, Respectable Sins. Recommend by a friend who is diving deeper into obedience. All about those little things we over look. Some of my Church friends say it’s legalistic and we’re under grace. I’m personally convicted to ramp up my obedience. I still fight with I can’t save myself yet it seems in the Bible when people are obedient God is pleased. When not, he is not…

      • Trent says:

        I believe we are to be obedient and live as very best we can, not from a legalistic stand point nor from a “work for your salvation” stand point, but because we love God and want to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant”. No way we could ever work our way into heaven, that is a free gift of grace, as your friends have mentioned, but we can absolutely be obedient and bare fruit that is a result of receiving that free gift of grace. It all goes together and is not easily separated out into rules and categories of the “legalistic” kind. It is just love. His for us and ours for Him. We focus on that and growing our relationship with Jesus and the rest will sort its self out. I hope your book has some thought inducing ideas in it. Test it all against His word, keep what is good and let the rest go. Thanks for the reply. God bless your walk.

  7. Bill Adams says:

    In our current circumstances, isn’t He doing the same thing to America, by changing our leaders and the justices? We can complain but our vote is were our hope is and that is based on our personal goals or God’s plan for us.

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