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25 thoughts on “Today’s Devo

  1. Cam says:

    GREAT message Vince thank you! Pray we can all be more accepting of His grace and let go of our past liabilities and give them all to Him as He accepts is unconditionally!

  2. Chad Ferguson says:

    Great message on sticking to the Word. The world continues to mix up the message with just enough truth to trick people. We need to stay 100% pure to the Word to help us decipher the message. Much needed truth for the worked we live in.

  3. Steve Gould says:

    That’s a good word Vince. Most often the win is just in the other side of the struggle that seems too big. My greatest successes have come after not giving up.

    Most recently however, my challenge has been remaining when I need to be moving. Sometimes we remain because it is the easiest option, when change is hard.

    Seeking the wisdom from God on when to move and when to remain in watch circumstance is vital. I appreciate your devo 👊 See you this weekend!

  4. Tom R says:

    I simply need to remain in conflicts longer, especially when I feel uncomfortable!

    I’ve always felt a connection to Timothy and this explains some of it.

    My head knows conflict typically results in a better understanding or a better situation. And my feelings don’t always disagree.

  5. David F says:

    Like the Danny Gokey song: “Haven’t seen it yet”… lean into it, so you can see what God can do!

  6. Jason Daily says:

    Please be in prayer for my marriage. My wife and I have been going through a very difficult season in the past 2 years and I am hanging on but just ever so slightly. I have been able to surround myself with some incredible spiritual leaders and because of them and a few others I have made it this far. God is asking me to push for some positive change in our relationship and I am trusting Him. The time for repair and rebuilding is now and I’m praying that the rain would come!

  7. John says:

    Brandon , Kevin. My two protégés . Have always appreciated people in my life and want to share with others

  8. Ed Bennett says:

    Great meeting, seeing, hearing, shaking & experiencing the
    VM Effect at LAKE CHAMPION…
    I’ve loaded your app into my classic IPhone 7 & watched my first Devo in Daniel About trusting God without knowing everything without knowing everything…

    Thank-You for pointing us to:
    Transparency, living an exposed life, brutal honesty before God & our brothers and building into other younger men!

  9. John says:

    I really appreciated the study of Daniel. Things that I learned and never knew and great personnel challenges Excited for Timothy

  10. John says:

    Great devo today . The plot of man to have power is amazing . Leads to disaster. Jesus is Lord and has this !

  11. Bill McKenna says:

    Very easy for us to look at the crazy world around us and get discouraged. We must keep our eyes focused on the never changing promises of God. He’s our hope, joy and peace.

  12. Eddie Ackerman says:

    God, help me to crush my self pride and only be proud about my weaknesses because in my weakness, You are strong.

  13. Brian says:

    These devotions are great. I look forward to them everyday. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

  14. Chad Heggestad says:

    Powerful truth about the Bible and the Word of God. Keep it coming strong Vince! Love the app, by the way, brother 🙌🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

  15. Eddie Ackerman says:

    The Bible is not fiction. Excellent point Vince. Glad the comments are up fir the mobile app too. Keep up the good work Vince and looking forward to Detroit Lakes.