Speaker and author to men.

"The problem is not all the bad things men are doing, but rather the kind of men we are developing. So let's build better men"


Leading a small group of men, through the series Defeating Repetitive Sin.

Men are being challenged and we need to build better men.

Training video for men's leaders on the Five Disciplines For Men.


Abandoned by his father at the age of two, Vince Miller grew up in a challenging and anxiety-producing environment. He endured the strain of his mother’s two failed marriages as well as her poor choices and drug use. Fortunately, during Vince’s formative teen years his grandfather, a man of faith, stepped up to mentor Vince, guiding him through a particularly difficult period.

Though he resisted initially, Vince surrendered his life to Christ at the age of 20. Soon after, he would be with his grandfather on his deathbed as cancer took his life. At that time, Vince committed before God to give back by mentoring men as his grandfather had mentored him. Vince’s story demonstrates the importance of mentors to support others in overcoming the enormous hurdles that manhood, mentoring, fathering, and leadership present to a man who wants to live right before God.

Audiences respond to Vince’s stories and teaching that motivate, convict, and sometimes even shock. He inspires men to lead, mentor, and disciple others with an intelligent argument for faith, inspiring presentation of the gospel, and stories of choices he made as a man, husband, and father.

After serving in notable ministry organizations for over 28 years (including Young Life, InterVarsity, TCU Football, and Eagle Brook Church), Vince founded Resolute, a non-profit organization focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship. He’s written 16 books and handbooks, along with small group videos that are resources for mentorship. He also produces THE MEN'S DAILY DEVO and the 20-Minute Bible Study. His latest book is a devotional and mentoring guide for men called THIRTY VIRTUES THAT BUILD A MAN.

Vince Miller Speaker To Men
Vince Miller Speaker To Men
Vince & Christina Miller Resolute 2017
Vince Miller Family Resolute 2017




Motivate men to mentor.

Challenge men to get off the bench and into the game of mentoring. In this message, Vince invites men to fight inaction and stop disqualifying themselves by simplifying the importance of mentorship. Hear his grandfather's fantastic story and how he invested in his life.



Lessons from a fatherless home.

"Nothing can be more mysterious than fatherhood when you grew up in a fatherless home," says Vince who shares his story of raising three children devoid of a father in his life. He shares two principles that demystify the fathering challenge and a catastrophic incident that turned their families world upside down.

reclaim the masculine identity by vince miller


“What does it mean to be a man?”

While the question appears simple, it is not! And many men are troubled to discover an answer escapes them. Vince unravels the complexity of masculinity by pointing to a surprising answer that often dazzles audiences. If you are reaching an audience of seekers, this is a perfect message for defining the problem and solution in Jesus Christ.

defeating repetitive sin by vince miller


Beat up the sin that beats you up.

Ever find yourself in an endless cycle of sin, repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Like many others, one day Vince woke up and had enough of the unending cycle. Vince shares transparently his struggle with anxiety and how he discovered a simple methodology that turned anxiety from nemesis to friend and drove him to deepen his relationship with Christ.



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