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Vision | How You Imagine The Future

Over the years my vision has begun to fade. And I would say this has become an irritating experience for me. Dark places, small fonts, moving my eyes from looking at a distance to reading is now requires more effort. But I meet men all the time who have this very same irritating experience at work, career, home, and in their personal life. This is because lack of vision can be an irritating experience. Visionless men are irritated men. Habakkuk 2:2 reads, “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” God is in the business of giving men vision, we are called here to make it simple, write it, and run hard with it.





What's up guys? Welcome to another edition of ManTalk. If you're joining us for the first time, ManTalk is exactly what it sounds like. Men talking about real relevant ingredient topics that a lot of times get set to the side because of fear, fizziness and other obstacles. So today we're continuing our series 30 virtues that build a man. If you don't have one of these, you've got to go onto the be resolute websites. So be Resolute dot or slash 30, that's t h I r t y. We are continuing on with vision this week. Uh, so today I'm your host, Tyler VanEps were joined in by our founder, Vince Miller. Vince, how you doing?

I'm loving today. How's it feel to be on this side of the really good, like it's fun watching you do that. You're pretty good at it. You should do this more often. Hey, I'm, I'm hoping that

um, so I got a question for you to kick off is we're going to start a little bit of lighthearted. So when I, when I picture vision gone wrong, all I think of is growing up playing basketball. And when somebody loses a contact on the court and everyone stops, you got like mom and dad coming out of the stands, crawling around on the floor. Everything stops when vision goals. So what I want to hear from you is either a funny, funny time that you lost your sight, whether you've got poked denial I to content or something like that. Or on the other side of thing, you've got things you've got absolutely fixated on something you needed.

Okay? All right. So this happened to me a few years ago, so I got these readers know. So I got these readers in when I turned about already three, no joke. Just one day, 33, 43, 43, say 33, nine. So when I turned 43 one day, I just, I looked down and I couldn't read the words on the paper and I was like, oh my goodness, what's happening? And I rubbed my eyes and I thought it was just something. I had something in my eyes and went into the doctor and he says, yeah, how old are you? Forty two. 40 three. I said, you need glasses buddy. So anyway, I got like 10 pairs of these, they've costing me a dollar a piece laid all over the house now so I can read stuff so I know to go find your family. So now I'm wearing these things so I can read stuff in front of me and some days it's good, some days it's not, but I got to tell you that was, that was really weird to have that moment when I realized I can't see as well anymore and I'm squinting all the time now. Especially in when it gets dark, like it's just hard to read anything. So it's very humbling. Yeah, by the way. Okay. Perfect vision, perfect vision,

no, nothing. So often things we experienced, you know, physically, whether it's our body or site, you know, all these types of things. Vision is such an important important part of what we do every single day and a lot of times unfortunately I think we don't see that as much or don't prioritize it as much in our spiritual life. So getting a little bit deeper, one of the things when we look at a majority of population, just from a personality standpoint, only about 16 percent of people are kind of future oriented just from a personality standpoint. So I've got a guy out there and there's a man out there that's saying, no, that's just not me. I'm not a visionary. I don't, I don't do that type of thing. What would you say that.

I would say that everybody's got to have a little bit of forward vision that somewhere in their life, right? We've got to be challenged to think ahead about things. Otherwise we're just reacting to everything you know, and there's nothing like a proactive manner to bring about change. I mean, God is in the business of giving us vision for the future and I think everybody wants to stretch into that. They just don't know how. So I think it's a, it's a huge challenge for us, but I, I hear men want to have it and the way it usually comes out of them is that they'll say that they worked a long career and now they want to do something meaningful with their life. And I go, well man, we should've thought about that a long time ago. Right? Not like when we come to the end of our life or the end of our career when you need.

Yeah, exactly. When you need readers, we need vision but long before we ever get there. But we don't stretch ourselves into it. I think often because, and this is probably where this percentage comes in with the statistic that you're talking about, is that we get so busy with the things of life that we actually are just not taking the time to do it and having vision is a little bit of a discipline, isn't it? It's a, it's a little bit of discipline that we need in our own life in hopes that we would find our way down a path to something or so,

yeah, that's really good at it. It's a, it's a discipline as much as it is just a talent or a personality thing or.

Yeah, for some people are very gifted division. I get that and they're very gifted at being forward thinkers or future risk dick or whatever. Where do you want to give to it? But uh, we all need some sort of vision in our life reverting just anything, whether it be work or family or like, or discipline or having a discipline of vision to get us the. Yeah, absolutely.

Um, so going in that direction, when you're thinking, you're thinking about vision, you think about how important it is in your life, how you, how you've worked through and how you built that discipline. What are some indicators that you might have kind of a vision loss life?

Yeah. You know, I think if you're constantly reacting to things then you probably have a vision in this life. If you feel like you're just kind of managing monotony, then you probably have a vision. What's life? If you don't feel like anybody's following you, you probably have a vision list. Live. Yeah. And if you probably haven't sat down with your family to talk about where you are spiritually going together, then you probably have a vision. Let's live. And you know, that's honestly, that's pretty scary. I don't think we want to run a line without a vision. I think God actually in parts of vision to man and helps him to see the future of life and even gives us a glimpse of eternity so that will have vision in the present. And so I'd say those would be some of the signs, you know, don't just go through life and just do the monotony in life when we got to live for something more than that. And I think if guys have this, I don't know, this, this kind of itch for something more than they're probably itching for vision. So that would be my two cents.

Yeah, that makes sense. Oh man, that's good. Yeah. I feel that itch a lot and I think it's on the side of, you know, whether it's boredom or monotony that's kinda foresee me, uh, and forcing that vision to the surface or whether it's just, you know, that God given desire and ambition that he's put in us to really from a kingdom standpoint, from a creek, you mandate standpoint to really go out and produce, be fruitful. He kind of got screwed.

Well, you, you, you're a guy that has all that kind of ambition now I see you chasing things all the time and I think it's part of that kind of what makes you god's man in a particular way. You have this drive for vision. Uh, what is it in your life that causes you to do that, do you think? Why do you do that?

Yeah. One of the ways I see it, it's cool that will be on a talk about going through 30 or to use both the vision side and the mission side. For me, vision is so often about opportunity. I just see when I, when I see people, when I see systems and I see cities, governments, communities, things like that, um, so much of it is just this desire to create so much about who the character of God is, the very first thing we see about God, his, him as a creator. And I think that's ultimately what's reflected a lot on us when it comes to vision. I just see opportunities and I want to create something beautiful that people are invited into a relationship with God and relationship with other people.

Yeah. I think God wants us to really embrace his vision in life. And I think sometimes we confuse that as men. Sometimes it is about us accomplishing things. Don't get me wrong, you know, that's what vision has something to do, but I think God does impart to us the itch for something more. He's given us clearly desire. He wants us to desire him. He wants us to embrace his vision, right? But sometimes it takes us muddling through a lot to really understand what that vision is gonna look like and we have to kind of get out of really the monotony of life. We've got to embrace his vision for our life. We've got to start pushing into that, discovering it. I mean, that's what I love about the text today in the book, right, is it's, you're, you're seeing vision passed on from one man another.

And really the vision is for something of character. It's brokerage, right? Is for strength, it's for something honorable. And I like that a, there's that encouragement or the courage to have a strength of internal character to pursue what God has for you. And it's this idea of conquering land for the benefit of God and his people, right? It's a very noble cause even though it's going to be catastrophic for some, uh, there's the command to be strong and courageous and to do that thing. And I love it. The vision comes directly from God. It's not just our vision that we're pursuing, right? It's not just the things that we want is a desire for something more to be fulfilled by God's vision to us, and I think that's what guys are looking for. They're looking for a greater vision than even themselves. I think that's why they have this internal itch for something more, and if you're itching for something more than maybe it's more of not what you want out of life. Maybe it's more of God's vision and him disclosing to you what he has for you in that plan. I see you, tyler, by the way, itching this all the time. Yes. Like you're, you're trying to figure it out and you're trying to scratch for your vision. Right? I know. Yeah. Let's get some more even for that, right? Yeah. It's probably gotten God's word, right. It was just a black, but I'm not going to apply that for you. Just so you know.

No, I'd love to see your referencing. First Chronicles Twenty eight, David, he's kind of getting ready to hand over the keys of the Kingdom to Solomon and, uh, you, you hit on it perfectly. The part I love so much about this scripture is he talks about being strong and courageous. He paints the paints the picture, this vision of the future, and then twice in this passage he says, do it. You do it. There's this active component to it. There's this boldness. You got to take some risk in a. first of all, I love that David's doing this while he's still running the kingdom, he's painting the vision while he still has the authority and the ability to invite his son Solomon into it. Uh, the other thing, and I've done some research on this. I just, I loved this season of scripture and just this whole period of God's people, I'm David Invest Almost $125,000,000,000 of assets into this vision. And that's really kind of where I want to go with you as talking about investing, whether it's in your personal vision as a man or it's investing in the vision of others. I see so many leaders that are quote unquote visionary leaders. It's kind of fluffy vision. You know, we'll, we'll paint a picture, will tell this story. You know, it's out there somewhere and it's fluffy. I want to hear about real vision. I want to hear how about how you invest?

Yeah, that's a great question. You know, I, I think this text is super powerful because it comes at a real pivotal moment in Solomon's life right now. Here's, let me try to answer the question, but let me add a little nuance to it. So yeah, it's a lot of money. It's a lot of resources. What we know from the story is that David has already built up a pool of resources that are already go. He is an essence done everything short of actually building the temple, right? So that's what's about to happen is there's going to be a temple built. He's drawn up the plans, he has the workers, he has the money and the resources. Everything is already done. So David has this very clear picture and his head of what it's going to be, but God has told him he can't do it.

Right? So now he's passing on wisdom to Solomon who will become the next. Why is this man to ever live, right? And uh, he is just telling him to do the one thing he can't do is to do it right and what is going to require from him is his courage. And I would say to answer your question that what most men need to take the next step in their life is often courage to do what God has probably already disclosed and has been planning to do for a very long time through them. I mean, I think guys get off often way over complicated about vision. I mean when God knit you together before you were ever created, he designed you with a particular purpose in mind. And it's all about we spend all of our lives getting in touch with that. And then through that he's going to disclose to us his vision through us.

And we have responsibility to steward. And one of the steps I tell people to do, to really engage healthy biblical vision in their own life is to actually do this. Go find a biblical character that you deeply connect with who's life story is much like what you think yours is. Pursue that guy. Do what he did and don't make the same mistakes that he made and learn from him and build a vision in your life that way. I think that that would be a remarkable exercise for most guys. So for example, here's, David was solid. We can learn a lot of really good lessons from David and we can learn what not to do is there's a few bad ones in there, right? How many bad moments actually the David Dad over many good moments, and I will say this, if you feel like God has made you, are crafted, you like a David didn't go read his story, embrace it and learn from him because if you connect with him in a spiritual sense, God may be rolling that vision out in a very similar way and don't make the same mistakes that he made.

So that's what I encourage you guys to do, is to understand the vision that way.

That's incredible. I think I've had a number of Bible characters that jump out even as I'm thinking right here. Um, and I think that such a good challenge for the out there today. I mean, you've said this to me a million times, get off the bench, get in the game. So much of it is, is that do it part of David speaking to Solomon. Here's the vision, here's the resources. Now go do it. Getting the courage to stand up and do that. So, so that's our challenge for all the guys out there today to do this. I mean, right here. What would you identify to just do something, but vision is so important. I mean, we talked about that with our physical bodies. We talked about with spiritual lives. Get God's vision for your life. Share that those around you invest in that maybe not $125,000,000,000 worth of.

Yeah, that's what you couldn't do that today. You could do that. If you've got another $25, billion dollars doing something with a couple of things I can think of all kinds of great things we could invest in. Awesome. Well guys, thank you so much for joining us today, Vince. Thanks for those insights on catching God's vision for our own lives. Guys, go out and do that. Grab this book. It'll be a huge help. It's been a help for me just crafting God's vision around my life and then finding guys to just run with you along the way, have those conversations that really amplify what God's doing in each other's lives. Thanks for joining us, the guys. We'll see you next time on ManTalk.



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