You Have To Want To Lead

The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. — 1 Timothy 3:1

So the front of mind for Paul is addressing the leadership void in this church. And he needs Timothy to identify leaders that are up for the job. Because a church without appointed and competent leaders leaves a void that loud voices will speak into and often give the wrong direction. And we all know these voids are a disaster in the making, which is what is happening in this church. So Timothy needs to find some leaders. And the place he tells him to start is with some men that aspire and desire to lead. He wants him to go call men out.

This might sound trivial, but I have never had the desire to be an elder in the church. Not once. I might be qualified, given the list, we will read in the coming verses, but I don't desire it. And this is a little laughable because I have trained and discipled numerous men for leadership in the church. Yet, still, I don't desire it. So I am disqualified by this verse one.

But why is this desire so important?

I think it's crucial because leading is challenging, and you will have to lean on the desire and the aspiration when it gets tough. You will have to remind yourself that you signed up for it.

This is true with leadership in any context. Because every form of leadership has challenging moments, in fact, let's remember Timothy signed up to do this job with Paul way back in Lystra. And while Timothy was a little timid, he aspired and desired to join him. Therefore, Paul is pushing him a bit. And Paul doesn't like leaders who quit when the going gets tough. This is what John-Mark did, and this caused a split between Paul and Barnabas on one of his trips.

So today, if you are in a leadership position and the going is getting tough, can I encourage you to do something? Remind yourself that you aspired to do it. Take a second to recall that moment you were full of excitement and remember your "why." Remember why you signed up to do it. Maybe that will give you the emotional boost you need today to keep on keeping on.

And if you are a man today who aspires and desires to do something like that, I am praying for you. Because God's church needs leaders just like you, but don't jump just yet, because we have not gotten to the list of qualifications.

ASK THIS: Do you aspire and desire to lead?

DO THIS: Reflect on what form of leadership God is calling you to.

PRAY THIS: God, you are the leader, and I am the follower. If you need me to lead a following of your people, let me know.

PLAY THIS: Spirit Lead Me.

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Eddie Ackerman

I don’t aspire or desire to be a leader in any church or church activity, but I do aspire and desire to be the leader, husband, and father that my family needs me to be and that God calls me to be. This position I strive to do my best in every day and, though I will and have failed, I keep trying to be my best for His children in my household. No matter the challenges I face, I will never stop trying to correct myself and the others that God has given me authority over to encourage them to also strive to be their best replicas of Jesus.

Bill Kirkhoff

This is an area were you need to spend a lot of time in prayer, not everyone is able to be a leader, the pridefulness we carry as men can, and will get us in trouble. Seek the Lord, and His will in all areas of our walk.
Blessings to all the guys out there

Dave Benson

You’re right Bill. We too often sell ourselves short. If we’re followers of Him, we’re leaders for Him!

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