Wearied By The Best

But you say, ‘What a weariness this is,’ and you snort at it, says the Lord of hosts. You bring what has been taken by violence or is lame or sick, and this you bring as your offering! Shall I accept that from your hand? says the Lord. —  Malachi 1:13

So what's happening here is God's people are in despair. They are riveted by financial oppression in a season that makes giving more challenging, especially given God's high standards. So people are wearied by the thought of bringing their best sacrifices to the altar. So some of them are doing strange things to compensate. They are either stealing and bringing stolen offerings to God or less-than-desirable offerings to God. And the reason they are acting this way is that they are wearied by their present circumstance. They are in wearied times and thus have this wearied mindset about God's provision.

Now we need to recognize that everyone, at some point, grows weary. We grow weary in marriage, parenting, career, finances, and with sin. And this weariness comes with burdens that are hard to bear. Thus we are tempted to view obedience to God as another burden. Therefore we try to find ways to alleviate this burden. We take matters into our own hands. We try to provide for ourselves where we believe God has not. And the first place we cut a corner is with God. So we cut back on giving, we cut back on attending, we cut back on trying, and we cut back on believing because we think God will understand. But all this backfires because, in the end, our provision is never enough to provide for our weariness. Only God alleviates human exhaustion. He is the only Provider.

So if you are weary, tired, or exhausted today, I want you to put me to the test on this one. Give God your very best today. Don't give him less. Don't cut a corner. Don't offer some stolen or cheap offering. Give him more. Give him the best of your time, the best of your obedience, and the best of your heart. Let go of trying to be your provider. Let him provide. Just be faithful by giving him your very best he is the rest you need for your soul.

ASK THIS: Are you weary?

DO THIS: Put me to the test, and bring your best to God.

PRAY THIS: God, I need rest today. But I bring you my best.

PLAY THIS: Rest For Your Soul.

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11 thoughts on “Wearied By The Best

  1. Bryce says:

    Thanks for the encouragement today Vince. I had just read these verses before listening to the Devo.

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
    Matthew 11:28‭-‬30

    I agree with you… let’s run to him with our best today!

  2. Timothy G Conner says:

    I know that a lot of people consider this book as God chastising His people, but is it possible this book is God chastising the priests?

    • Vince Miller says:

      Yes, he does transition from people to priests. But as you continue to read God gets’ stronger with spiritual leaders because they have allowed his people to be led away.

  3. ROB LAFOND says:

    Love this Devo and the music is perfectly matched with the content!
    I was wondering if a Playlist could be created with your music selections?
    I would listen to it during my travels and time for contemplation.

  4. David Josker says:

    Thank you, God, for men like Vince, Trent, and Mark. You all are helping us by sharing your words of wisdom and guidance.

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for this reminder today Vince, and it’s perfectly timed. I am weary – as someone who works in a public high school, these few weeks between the holidays are a challenging, busy, difficult time. In the midst of that I’ve not been giving my best to God, I’ve been stubborn and trying to manage on my own, my way. Today I commit to giving it all to Him and being the best man I can be trusting in Him for strength.

    • Trent says:

      God bless you for your efforts. I have some kids that are on the “difficult” side. I send them to school where they may be around more kids like themselves. So an even bigger dose of difficult. And there are special people like you who look after them in one way or another. You are not just earning a living but building our kids future. I thank you and all like you who work around these kids, as I most certainly could not. May God give you what you need to keep pace in your race and peace and assurance knowing you are doing a very important and demanding job. Strength to you and my hat is of to you good sir.

      • Mark says:

        Thank you brother for those kind words and prayer! As a school counselor for many years I understand that parents trust me (us) with their children and I respect and honor the trust they have. Everyday I have an opportunity to encourage young people, prepare them for life after high school, help them get through sometimes painful and awful situations and most importantly show them through my actions and attitude that my relationship with Christ is evident. As we all do, sometimes I fail, but God is good brother and I do believe that He uses me in this work. I’ll pray for those “difficult” kids of yours and trust they have educators who work diligently with them everyday!

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