Weigh Yourself


Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell me, if you have understanding.
Who determined its measurements—surely you know!
Or who stretched the line upon it?
On what were its bases sunk,
or who laid its cornerstone. — Job 38:4-6

I wonder how it must have felt to be interrogated like this by the thundering voice of the Almighty God? Probably a mixture of terrifying and awesome all at the same time.

Nonetheless, for the next four chapters, what God does is hurl question after question at Job. Questions for which he will have no answer. And they are intended to be impossible questions. But they allow Job to understand how he has overplayed himself. How he has embellished his knowledge and righteousness before his friends and thus God.

We learn from Job we have to weigh our understanding of ourselves on balance all the time. Some days we think too little of ourselves and thus underplay the power of God dwelling in us. Other days we think too much of ourselves and thus overplay that we are as great as gods. And each of us has a tipping point on the fulcrum between the two. Something that tips us toward underplaying or overplaying. And it's this that needs constant attention in our lives. We must give attention to the tip of the fulcrum. And we do this by daily weighing ourselves. Weighing our ego's on the balance before God.

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes,
    but the Lord weighs the heart. — Proverbs 21:2

Take a few minutes a few times today to weigh yourself. Step on the scale before the Almighty God and get aligned to his way.

ASK THIS: Have you weighed your heart today? Which way are you tipping? Underplaying? Overplaying (Share this in the comments below)

DO THIS: Get back in balance before God interrogates you.

PRAY THIS: God, help me to find my way in your way. May I lean on you for understanding. Weigh me today.

PLAY THIS: Come To The River.


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Jody Jones

Awesome devotional brother! Your ministry is a blessing ! Thanks for the Word!!

Rex Wright

That is -Father may I see your balance and live your balance in my life today

Rex Wright

Thank you for this today! Father may your balance &!live your ballot in my heart. Help me to think that too highly of myself or to lowly of myself


It is amazing how easily I can vacillate between both over and underplaying the weight in my heart.
God don’t let me live this and please dear Lord, don’t let me die this way.

Phil Green

Dang good stuff…again! Good work Vince.

Rich Thomas

I am not sure if teeter-tottering is the worst thing. Remaining on one side without ever trying to get better seems worse to me. At least if you go from one side to the other you will get it right at some point. We should always strive to be in the middle where Jesus is.

Chad Heggestad

Great devo today!
Awesome reminder to weigh ourselves against His way.


I sometimes underplay. I find myself in some of my weakness that I underplay God and what He is capable of doing in my life. Then , when I pray, God always shows me His might and I tip back to where I need to be. Praise God for He is faithful to answer our prayers.

David J

Overplay currently, but I have underplayed. I need God’s guidance daily.

Cory B

I’m like a teeter totter. Constantly back and forth. I think lately I’m overplaying. I’m not sure I feel I’m this great thing, but I don’t give him all, any or enough credit. Simply me getting a bit too big and Him not big enough. Thanks for the dose of reality and a humility check.

Bob Olsen

Overplaying. I need to be reminded that my life is a gift from God.


Great devotion and I really never thought of Job like this, but thanks for showing his humanity like me and in need of God’s presence. again thanks for introducing me to music I never heard before, this was good especially for an old dude.


I tend to underplay more than I should. Need to acknowledge God’s power more.


Overplay lately but have been on both sides

Ettiene Grobler

I tend to underplay to power of God in my life. It is probably a combination of things I picked up since childhood. But today will be different! 🙂

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