What Is Spiritual Training?

Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. — 1 Timothy 4:7-8

So the principle here is pretty simple. Wrong beliefs lead to wrong actions. Right beliefs lead to right actions. And then, Paul exhorts Timothy to get his act in order by being trained in godly beliefs that have eternal value.

So the question on the table is this: What does spiritual training look like, and how do we get it?

In the context of this letter, spiritual training would include:

  • Reading the truth.
  • Knowing the truth.
  • Living the truth.

But we could also add spiritual training, includes:

  • Discerning truth from untruth.
  • Training others to read, know, live, and discern the truth.

But spiritual training assumes some things too. It assumes:

  • We're not being passive in our spiritual development.
  • We're actively searching scripture to find the truth.
  • We're scanning our life for beliefs we need to change.
  • We're implementing these changes into our lives.
  • Others see the spiritual transformation in us and are being affected by it.

So are you ready to do some training in the gym? If so, implement one item from the list above. And share it in the comments below.

ASK THIS: Are you ready to do some spiritual training in the gym?

DO THIS: Share the step you need to implement below.

PRAY THIS: God, train me.

PLAY THIS: Stronger.

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Gregory Whittet

For my Spiritual Gym time routine is getting in the gym “Word” every morning. I love this new routine in 1 Timothy. I log my workouts by journaling and I meditate on these movements throughout the day.

Tom F. Sr.

I will scan my life for wrong or Christ-less beliefs that must change, and trust God almighty to walk near me as I surrender them to Him and change!

Jeff Falley

Not to be passive in my spiritual development.

David Josker

Scanning my life for beliefs I need to change.


Living the truth

Keith Thompson

As a Christian that has come back to Christ I have just undertaken the Valiant Man Course. this has been a amazing awakening and opening of my eyes to what God wants from us men. this course has me on a path of identifying issues that are not right in my Life and need addressing. Godly Men Like Vince Miller and Alan Meyer are awesome men of God and are delivering his Messages to us all. I know realise i need eyes to see and ears to hear what God is saying to me. Thank you Vince for all that you do for the faith Keep it up

Eddie Ackerman

I need to do more intentional scanning of my life and implementing these changes, instead of sitting on my donkey. Even Jesus had to get off of His donkey (KJV term implied).

Ruben T. Garcia, Sr

We’re actively searching scripture to find the truth.

Sean Swift

I need to be willing to show others what God has enabled in my life. I need to be prepared to “be different”.


I really like the way you said that brother, thanks! I need to do more of that as well.

Rick Criqui

I need to actively search, read more scripture to find the truth


I need to implement scripture in my daily life decisions, rather than the basing them on the world I am in and not of.

Mike Kelley

I always pray that I spend the whole day thinking of Jesus, and I always fall short of my expectations. Baby steps. I pray today I spend more time in prayer and thought of my Lord and Savior, and I did yesterday.


I need to live the truth


I know I am a Christian in training. I need to be in God’s word everyday to learn to become what God wants me to be.


Excellent analogy. Moving men(us) from church people to Christ followers.


Know the truth. I would like to attend a school where I can get to know the truth in a deeper level. so that I to can share the truth with greater confidence.


In addition to the points that Vince shared-another part of spiritual training could be accountability and transparency. I know as a Christian man for over 24 years, the desire to not be held accountable is a powerful weapon of the enemy.


What a great statement Matthew. Lack of accountability is a serve issue that I am dealing with right now. I have held a leader accountable and responsible for something they did that harm our church and you would think from the reaction that I am the bad guy that made the error.


Asking God for discernment


1 Peter 2:9
King James Version

9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

Paul Levine

I make my spiritual training habitual everyday!!!

Cory D

I need to scan my life for beliefs that should be changed. I need a gut check and make sure that pride hasn’t blinded me from God’s truth and not my truth.




I will not be passive in my spiritual development!


I need to be more active in my growth. I read, but don’t study, I pray but not fervently.


I love the daily discipline of reading and meditating on God’s word. I try to ask the question, “Lord, please reveal new insight for me today.”
But. I still struggle often with those times that He seems quiet. So, developing deeper trust in what I know to be true; to Repent daily for anything that separates me from the Triune God: be ever more grateful for the gifts of life, even when they look different than I want.

Robert Miranda

Discerning truth from untruth.🙏👍


Living the Truth is the hardest for me, because we can all read and know the truth but to actually live it daily is not easy. I need to learn to rely on God strength to live in the truth and not my own any more.


I sometimes make it difficult because I complicate the process:( I just need to stick to the basics…..jumping jacks and push-ups. (His word and prayer)

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