What Make A Man?

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Read through the Bible daily with Vince Miller.

5 thoughts on “What Makes A Man?

  1. Kenneth Lute says:

    Thanks for bringing the truth. Let us continue to look to Jesus for our daily living and not the world. I have used your other books for our men’s ministry. We are currently using Called To Act. Our men really enjoy your preaching/teaching. Thanks!

  2. Bob Smotherman says:

    Well said, too many of us have fallen in line with what the world sees a man as. We all have in some way done this.
    Seek God in all you do. Our text book, (the Bible), tells us so. Thanks Vince.

  3. Mark Roberts says:

    I love the devotions, I use them daily for my men’s group and even at time for the ladies in the church. Thank you and God Bless 👍

  4. Glenn Hurst says:

    I often use these in my men’s group titles shop talk. Where men meet together and sharpen eachother though the word. I also share these daily on my Facebook page as with scripture and testimonies of how God has spared me and saved me from self destruction! That by doing so as I do off line reaching one more. #Hopedealer thank you for not sugar coating the truth!

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