When Anger Is Triggered


For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. — James 1:20

Every man has some form of anger issue. So we need to accept that we will all eventually express some form of an angry response. Some of us tend to implode and there are others who explode. And I think it's good to know how we express it. But I think it's even more important to evaluate what triggers our anger. I think it good for us to look long and deep at the injustices that trigger this response from us. You see we each have our irritations, injuries, or injustices that elicit our angry emotion. Most of the time it's related to an issue of the past that manifests itself in the present. While this catches us by surprise, it shouldn't. This is because anger has an identifiable trigger but also an identifiable result. And the writer says here, unrestrained worldly anger does not produce the righteousness of God. So just as every man's anger has a trigger, it also has an effect. And it might do us well to assess today both what triggers our anger and the effect of our anger. Because I guarantee this — at some point today you will be angry. And right now you get to choose. Will you lead your anger, or will you let it lead you?

ASK THIS: What are the triggers and responses of your anger? (List them in the comment section below)

DO THIS: Let God lead you when your anger is triggered.

PRAY THIS: God, take the injustices of my past and heal them. And take my passions and direct them. May I give more care to the words I speak and how I speak them to those around me today. And when the enemy tries to trip me up, given me the foresight to see the moment coming.

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22 thoughts on “When Anger Is Triggered

  1. rick says:

    I am embarrassed to admit….I am my Moms caregiver and she is very demanding, ungrateful and selfish.
    I allow my anger to take over and then take my anger back to my family . I pray every day for more patience and understanding but I always seem to end up angry.

  2. John Comstock says:

    What triggers my anger is what happened to me when I was bullied as a child. I felt there were some injustices done and my parents would tell me to either walk away when I couldn’t or to fight, which I did not like to do. I just go to the Lord to calm me down and think more about what is happening now and not in my past.

  3. Sam says:

    As I turn 68 today I would like to think that I respond more than react but I still let certain things anger me and I explode, but not as severe and definitely not with my wife, thank you GOD.

  4. Cory B says:

    Lack of my own self esteem and not feeling good enough. I tend to internalize things and then let loose on those closest to me.
    My parents favorite phrase was usually, “that was pretty good or you had a good game, but…” It never seemed to be good enough. I since turned into a perfectionist and any time tries to correct me, I usually take it way too personally.

  5. Chad Husted says:

    I understand more every day that the things that often trigger me are things I am guilty of myself. Such awareness is helping me to offer a little more grace and patience with the “trigger.” I’m sure not perfect, as it is a battle every day, but I’m sure grateful for the grace of Jesus in my life!

  6. David J says:

    When things don’t go the way I think they should. God help me to control my words to others. Quick to think slow to speak. With God’s help I will focus on that in the future.

  7. Dennis says:

    Anger, my arch enemy. But , by the grace of God, I am learning how to manage it and not allow it to manage me. I try and identify my triggers and apply methods of taking in deep breathes and exhaling along with taking time to process what is being said or taking place not just going off.

    • TONY MASCIAVE says:

      Watching what this president and administration are doing to this country along with the media! The way people follow them like sheep!

  8. Ted says:

    Vince I can not tell you the perfect timing of this Devo. I am moving mulch and thinking of a wrong done to me just this week. Ofcourse I held it all in…then chewed my wife’s ear off telling the story over and over. But the anger began to subside as I realized I had to put on the mind o Christ. That said , God prompted me to listen to your Devo. And so the healing begins! Thanks

  9. Ed says:

    Watching people get used like pawns which is lack of respect
    Being lied to
    Being micro managed
    This whole coronavirus year and the lies, arbitrary use of power, and all he lies and abuse of the situation on many fronts.
    The divisive nature of politics
    My own shortcomings

  10. SHELDON Bullard says:

    Poor service , The poor taken advantage of, disrespectful people , racism.
    My response is sometime loud and outspoken

  11. Walter says:

    Incompetence , lack of trying, desire to want to learn or better yourself. Lash out, not trying understand their why.