When God Arrests You


Saul rose from the ground, and although his eyes were opened, he saw nothing. So they led him by the hand and brought him into Damascus. And for three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank. — Acts 9:8-9

There have been, without a doubt, a couple of times in my spiritual life where I can say God divinely intervened. These moments were so significant that they changed me and the direction of my life forever. And if you are a follower of Christ, you have probably had one of these experiences as well. It could have been at your conversion or some other point in your spiritual journey. But what Saul experienced here should be familiar to us all in some way.

But notice the irony of this moment. Saul is heading to Damascus to arrest Christians. But on the way, Jesus highjacks his mission and arrests him. He arrests him with physical blindness. And a man arrested suddenly by blindness experiences several human consequences of this bodily imprisonment. First, he will experience complete dependence on others which is evident here. Second, he will experience decreased mobility which is also evident here. Third, he will experience mental anxiety, which is evident because he ate and drank nothing. Saul, arrested with blindness by Jesus, is forced to reflect on the error of his ways.

And as we read in the coming verses Saul prayed. He probably prayed in a way that he has never prayed before. No one told him to pray. He just did it. It was an instinctive response. And while we might guess that Saul prayed to receive his sight, I assume these moments of quiet reflection led him to see many things differently. And we come to discover that God is giving him visions and new sight. While arrested by physical blindness, God is giving this man new sight. Sight for things of God. And it's better sight than physical sight.

There are some of you right now who are unsettled by some moment that has arrested you. These moments are no fun. They can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually unsettling. But while they arrest us, we should not simply try to relieve ourselves of them by trying to run from them. But instead, we should reflect on what God is teaching us through them, for he might use these arresting moments so that we can discover the freedom that he provides in this life. True spiritual freedom may become our testimony for others arrested by the same challenges we presently encounter.

ASK THIS: What event has arrested you?

DO THIS: Reflect on what God is teaching you. (Then share this below)

PRAY THIS: God, I am arrested by my present challenges. Teach me and free me. Break the chains of my arrest and give me life and a testimony to share with others.

PLAY THIS: Death Was Arrested — North Point Worship.


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8 thoughts on “When God Arrests You

  1. Steven Tong says:

    GOD is teaching me to put my rest and my trust in HIM. With the Covid lockdown again in Melbourne, GOD asking me to “Come unto ME …. I will give you rest” – Matthew 11:28

  2. Cory B says:

    I’m struggling with purpose. I’ve been making great progress, experiencing amazing things and praying constantly. I still have plenty of uncertainty. I know I need patient endurance, but a hint would be nice.

    For now I will keep plugging along and keep faith that His plans for me are for good, not evil.

  3. W. James Anderson says:

    Cuff me now. As long as it’s by the proper authorities 🌺💀🌺

  4. Chris says:

    I feel arrested right now as my past business partner is holding my TV show hostage. I have no idea what God is teaching me

  5. tcfredericks says:

    Thanks Vince. As always, your discernment of THE Scriptures brings great wisdom and insight for practical application. I appreciate you!

  6. Dennis James says:

    During these trying times, which are very unsettling to me as well as may others, God is teaching more on how to remain focused on Him and taking me deeper into the knowledge of spiritual warfare. At 63, I am learning a whole new way of dealing with the enemy, a Kingdom Warrior mindset.

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