When God Curses Man

Cursed be the cheat who has a male in his flock, and vows it, and yet sacrifices to the Lord what is blemished. —  Malachi 1:14

Oh boy.

So when someone is blessed, they are invoked positive conditions. And when someone is cursed, they are invoked negative conditions. And I guarantee someone out there today might ask, why would God do something like that? Why would God invoke a curse on someone? That seems unloving for an all-loving God. But I would respond by saying God is not invoking the curse. He's drawing attention to it. The man invokes the curse on himself by trying to deceive God.

The text states that the man promises to make an acceptable sacrifice. And sacrifice was intended to be a blessing. It is the process by which believers were purified from their unintentional sins. So a man would bring an acceptable animal as a sacrifice for his sin, place his hands on the animal confessing his sin, and then offer the animal as a sacrifice to God. But in this text, it says a man promises an acceptable animal but then trades it out at the last second for an unacceptable animal, which would not bless him but curse him. Thus it's not God who curses him, but his deceptive action because it does nothing for his unintentional sin (which was the reason he came) nor the intentional sin that he just committed. Therefore Malachi is pointing out the obvious. His fake sacrifice does nothing but heap additional sin on him. Thus he lives cursed by his actions. There is no blessing for this man.

The lesson is this. Just do things God's way, and you'll be blessed. Because if you do them another way, you will curse yourself.

ASK THIS: Are you doing things God's way or your way?

DO THIS: Just do it God's way and be blessed in the doing.

PRAY THIS: God, I have tried it my way. Let's do it the way you want.

PLAY THIS: Your Ways.

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4 thoughts on “When God Curses Man

  1. Matthew says:

    Vince-great devotional thought! At different times in my walk with God I have convinced myself that my sin can be hidden-yet I would go to worship Him and not confess. This is what I think Malachi is warning us of here. In Romans we are a living sacrifice, so if I am “hiding” my sin I am invoking the curse.

  2. Thomas Hine says:

    Hey guys, I am a follower of God and have been since 2019 but really didn’t fully commit myself to the Lord until 2020. What I have found out is my sin is always there, never goes away. And when things don’t happen to go my or I feel less than, there is where sin comes to the surface. I am constantly peeling back layers of the onion. But the only way I am able to do that is by being in connection with my brother, like minded brother that hold me accountable. We are Gods leaders.

  3. Paul Levine says:

    It constantly amazes me how men can pretend to do righteous acts in the name of serving God, while actually only doing self-righteous acts. And then be surprised when their live’s are not proving to be happy or fulfilling!

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