When It's Not Going Your Way

"This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it."
 Psalm 118:24

Do you believe that "this is the day?" A day for you to advance God's witness, leverage his gifts, steward his time, invest his money, and advance his kingdom? If you need a gentle reminder, recognize the "Lord has made" today. Not you. It's not "made" by you; therefore you don't own it. It's God who made it, so steward it as if it belongs to him. He has something remarkable for you today. So, rather than seeing it as yours, and as a result getting frustrated when things don't go your way, see it as God's and "rejoice and be glad" that it's going according to his created plan. You might find yourself much let irritable and might discover true joy and gladness.

DO THIS: Remember God made today.

PRAYER: God, while I must confess I don't like it when things don't "go my way," remind me that today is your day anyway. And then turn my heart toward joy and gladness in that you have made today just for me.


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