When You Get Played Back


For Job has said, ‘I am in the right,
and God has taken away my right;
in spite of my right I am counted a liar;
my wound is incurable, though I am without transgression.’ — Job 34:5-6

When I read this today, it made me think about those arguments I sometimes have at home. You know those ones where your wife corners you about something you've said. She plays back word-for-word a statement you've made with a little different emphasis and adds in a different perspective, and suddenly you feel trapped.

Have you ever had one of those moments? I have! Because I say stupid things sometimes.

This made me wonder how Job is receiving this playback about the things he's said — from a younger man nonetheless. And we really don't know because Job never gets a chance to respond to Elihu. But we know this. In a few minutes, God is going to speak. And God is going heap on additional emphasis and perspective. And God is not going to playback anything. He is going to explain his infinite power, might, and holiness. And Job is going to be reminded of his mortality.

You see, here's my issue. When I am attacked, I tend to defend. Therefore I become defensive. Defensiveness is an attempt to make myself bigger. Instead of trying to make myself bigger, I need to remember that God is bigger. And that I need to go smaller.

So the next time your words and mortality confront you, try going small and let God go big. He is all the defense you need. And he may not come to your defense in the timing you want, but this does not mean his sovereignty is not working. It's just not working at your speed.

ASK THIS: How can you go small today? (Share this in the comments below)

DO THIS: Let God be big.

PRAY THIS: God, be sovereign in my life today. Be bigger than the situations before me.

PLAY THIS: Never Going To Be As Big As Jesus.


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13 thoughts on “When You Get Played Back

  1. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I can go small by not fighting my battles, but letting God fight my battles and by trying to see people that are hurting and frustrated the way God sees them. It’s all about perspective. When my mother in law is spewing hate and anger and bitterness, from my view, she’s really just hurting and sore and tired from God’s view and while she is being defensive, I need to not respond in a similar way, but rather be a listening ear, with a soft heart and maybe we can work on mending our sometimes volatile relationship. I forget where I heard this, but it ALWAYS applies: hurt people hurt people.

  2. Mark M. says:

    I really like “Go small and let God go Big!!” We hear as Men to defend our Character when it’s threatened and make some Noise 😡! Todays devotion for me is another example that I need to humble myself b4 a all powerful God.

  3. Ed says:

    Need to be humble and straight up honest. And allow God to be God. None of us are up to the task of being God…. Ever

  4. Cory B says:

    I experience the same thing. When someone is critical of my actions or words and misrepresent my intentions… I get very defensive and quickly go on the offensive. I don’t get big, I get HUGE. All in order to get them to “back off.” Self righteous indignation gets me every time. I need to be still, slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to anger. Not necessarily in that order.

  5. Chad Husted says:

    Great, classic song today Vince! I still wear the concert T from the “Don’t censor me” tour in the mid 90’s.
    Anyway, to take your advice today, I need to bite my tongue when the wife “attacks.” She may be dramatic, but it sure won’t help if I just defend myself. Be bigger than the momentary drama.

  6. Ron says:

    I had periods of time as a child where my stubbornness presented many opportunities for discipline. Most of the time my Dad would spank me and I was given time to reflect on the issue at hand, it made me a better person. Other times he just made me sit on a chair and I was told to “Keep my mouth shut and think about what I had said or did”…….. Unfortunately some times I still need that “Time on the chair”! It is a time when you become small and humble and if your heart is in the neighborhood GOD will be the one speaking!!!!!!
    Thanks DAD!!!!

  7. Jesse Skytland says:

    Recently, I got defensive with the girlfriend and she walked away. With being a Salesman, I am much of the time giving people the words they want and often with miscommunication of my innermost feelings, yet thru affection I do believe I am still in love. Working thru this series of unfortunate events, rememberence of God’s love for us is holding my positive attitude and for that I am greatful. His plan is amazing and good!

  8. Brady says:

    Being a salesman my whole life, I have had the problem of “saying what the customer needs to hear” and being really good at it. In my personal life, this comes across as manipulating words to fit my situation or “chameleon” into who I need to be around whomever I might be with. I never desire to be manipulative or twisted in my words and I want to be honest and full of integrity. I desire to have my wife trust my words and I want this habit changed.

  9. SHELDON Bullard says:

    Accept the fact that God is true and every man including me is a lier Jesus must increase and we must decrease. Happy Fathers Day Brothers

  10. Walter says:

    To be humble today, it’s Father’s day, God is the ultimate Father!

    Happy Father’s day to all dad’s.