The bottom line of every disciple is their willingness to die for what they have faith in. This is what differentiates belief in God from faith in God. Faith assumes that you would die for the object regardless the situation. For Christ followers the object is God!

Consider this from Eugene Peterson, Leap Over the Wall:

“David lamented because he cared. David lamented because he was willing and able to bring his total attention to the fact of death. Because David lamented with his lamentation recorded in 2 Samuel 1, we have access to and aspect of experience that’s absolutely essential if we’re going to live God-responsibly, live God-abundantly. It seems odd, even contradictory, that in order to live totally we must face death totally. But it’s true. David, who lived exuberantly, also lamented fiercely. His exuberance and lamentation were aspects of the same life-orientation and commitment: life matters.”